Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tubing, chilling, surfing, blogging and grandcat.

Bernie promised we could go tubing this trip.

Silly me, I still imagined that would require hiking up a hill holding an old black inner tube.

I LOVE laying flat in a covered tube (no wet fanny!) and being hauled up the hill.

Those four items behind me are tubes going up the hill.

It was pretty crowded, but we made four slides down the mountain in two hours.
I can't wait to go sometime when it isn't a holiday, this being the Saturday before New Years.

Jeff, Bernie and I slid down together, holding the reins of each other's tubes to stay together.

They screamed too, maybe just to keep me company. Bernie video'd one slide.

I LOVE tubing!

I rode orange tubes, because Oregon State was playing in a bowl game later, and of course they won.
The rest of the time when the boys went skiing I hung out in the house, just chilling, surfing the Internet, blogging, and enjoying my grandcat.

It was cozy.

I had gotten Jeff a DVD of a fireplace with lovely logs crackling away.

It is amazing that looking at a DVD can make you feel as warm as looking at a regular fireplace.

Anyone living without a fireplace, let me tell you:
For under $20, you too can have a fireplace in your home!

Meowsie usually has this exact blank stare.

He is a huge cat in his winter fluffy coat. That's a full sized stool he is sitting on!


Demara said...

Wow boy is he (your cat) ever a big boy! And tubing ya it is fun, most of the time.

Lovella ♥ said...

Imagine my surprise at Seeing yokooso beating my to the punch, not once but twice. He is a handsome cat. Did you brush him out so lovely or was he properly prepared for your visit? We don't have a fireplace in our living/kitichen and so at Christmas instead of the TV blaring when family was over it played a yule log. Our log crackled and the kids found enjoyment out of the hand putting on another log. Cheap entertainment.