Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And to see the Alps

Germany was HOT... and we made a rookie error: We walked all over Mannheim with our backpacks instead of checking them at the station.
Heidelberg was wonderful, and today Kate and I bought Swiss embroidered lace by the bagful. Creativity abounds in our imagination. I'm taking pictures, and can't wait to share all the "doings." You'll have to be patient, as I don't want to tell the story without the pictures! Kate has posted some pictures on her blog though.
This is our last night in St. Gallen. Tomorrow we will take the Glacier Express across the Swiss Alps, an 8 hr train ride. I'm looking forward to relaxing as the scenery streams by; the last few days I have been racing on foot towards all the wonderful things to see.
I don't think I've missed much, but I wouldn't' mind coming back.
Like in January, when it is cooler!

I won't be blogging again until I return home next Thursday.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

St. Gallen to Milan to St. Gallen to Heidelberg to Mannheim...

Last night it was perfect "sit outside on the roof and watch the sunset tint the old town golden" weather.
Wow. We were in Milan in the morning, St. Gallen in the evening.
This morning Bernie and I are heading to Germany by train to visit Mannheim and to stay the night in Heidelberg. My mom's father's family was from Mannheim, and they traveled back and forth from Mannheim to Salt Lake City and back a few times, back in the late 1800's. There is a picture of my grandfather's father as a young man along with his siblings and parents on the blog entitled "Who are all these people?" Try searching for the word "Stein" if you want to take a peek.

I'm looking forward to see the town where I know they lived from 1600's until the left for America.

By the by, I'll be blogging pictures and detail once I get home. Kate is posting some pictures of our travels on her blog. I hope you enjoy her pictures and journal.

Meanwhile, the cathedral bells are ringing, and I must get ready to walk to the train. This trip I'm traveling for an overnight carrying only a small day back pack.

I'm enjoying traveling light!

Enjoy your day where ever you are. I'm thinking of many of you, and especially you Mom, as I head to your ancestral hometown.
Love you....