Monday, May 25, 2009

Dreams coming true

Last year around this time I had a dream.
I dreamed I would live and work in SLC, and come home each evening to a house in the mountains, with a deck where I could prop up my feet and enjoy the view.

And the dream came true!

I dreamed where I lived could have a rushing stream nearby.

And it does!

(at least for right is seasonal mountain run off, flowing through the easement at the end of my back yard.)

Sometimes reality improves on dreams.

Last Tuesday I looked up and there was a rainbow in the scene as well.

I thought my mountain with a rainbow would look better without telephone wires and cables in the view.

Since this was MY dream I went ahead and choppped down all the nearby utility poles.

(Just kidding... I used Picassa's new Re-touch feature and edited them out of the picture. Good hint to can blur out anything with Re-touch; I had thought it was just for correcting skin flaws.)

So there I was, up on my freshly painted deck, listening to a rushing stream while looking at a rainbow arching over a mountain named Olympus.

Let's see....what else will be needed to make this a perfect dream come true?

Every paradise needs apple trees, right? With fragrant pink blossoms in the springtime.

Clouds of pink blossoms would even be better.

And then there could be apples to pick in the fall.

(The apple tree is on the property of the neighbors behind us. Plenty of apples will be on our side of the fence. The neighbors are happy to share.)

Let's see...what else do I need to make this place perfect?
Grapevines producing lovely bunches of grapes.

The baby grapes are soaking up both the sunshine and the rain.

We should have plenty of grapes by mid summer.

Oh, and how could I forget?

There needs to be catnip growing throughout the yard as well. I like the lavender flowers, and the cats can saunter through the garden whenever they want to enjoy getting silly on the leaves.(And we can meet the neighborhood cats that way too...)

A few other are flowers scattered about...

These are just a few of the flowers that have bloomed so far.
I think Mt. Olympus...home of the mythological Greek a great name for this area.
Except I haven't seen any guys looking like gods, or demi gods, like Hercules or Hermes or Apollo yet.
Wait a minute....
I think I see one heading up to join me on the deck now.
Right on cue...there he is very own were some of those Greek gods called again?

I think I will call this one "Bernie."

Or maybe "Hon." That's short for "Honey."

Yes...sometimes dreams do come true in sweet ways that get better and better with each passing day.