Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Tea: Hats and Gloves!

Valentine events:  I've got them covered, millinery wise.
I've made a flirty little cocktail Valentine hat in case I ever get asked out for cocktails on Valentine's day.
(This has yet to happen...)

A Scottish style cap for a casual lunch Valentine date...
(This has actually happened.)

And I have made, years ago, what I would consider a Valentine Tea hat just in case someone decides to put on a Valentine's tea.
And thank goodness, at long last, someone HAS decided to put on a Valentine's tea!
A Valentine's High Silver Tea no less.
About twenty ladies from my church will be in attendance this coming weekend.
I thought about what I should wear:
 Obviously the tea hat of course.
I decided I would go low key with the outfit: a white tailored blouse under a wrap front black cardigan that is pulled together with an interesting black obi style belt, a black pencil skirt, and black heels.
A red hat delivers enough punch so a plain black and white outfit would work for balance.
I tried the pieces on and then decided white gloves really would look smart too.
After all...a high SILVER tea surely means gloves, right?
I dug out my small collection of white gloves (lace, sheer, cotton, kid, wrist, short, arm length... the decision was easy, the short gloves worked with the long sleeves.)
As so often happens, I had been looking at historical clothing on line and had seen some really awesomely decorated/trimmed1800's era gloves.
Plain white gloves seemed rather blah after seeing how gloves could look.

So why not add to the white gloves?
Doll them up; make them match the hat!
I got out my hat trimming ribbon collection and got to work.

What do you think?

Here's a closer look at the hat's trim.

Some of the trim was ready made, some I stitched from plain ribbon.
I had trimmed the hat before I had had a chance to study ribbonry; I used several ready made flowers and was glad to be able to local those same flowers again at the local fabric store.

I did have help with the project of course.
All three cats cruised by to check out the ribbons and feathers and such.
They try to help, they really do.
I will blog a photo of the outfit as I go to the tea.
What do you want to bet I will be the only woman there in a hat?
Or in gloves? 
I do hope some other woman will at least wear gloves.

Yes, I do love Valentine's Day.
I walked Luke over to the grocery store because I thought he might get a kick out of seeing all the Valentine's Day balloons that are for sale.
One area of the store has a ceiling full of mylar balloons.
He was mildly interested.
I told him all about Valentine's Day, and how guys are supposed to buy their sweethearts flowers and candy and balloons and cards and take them out for a special date and be really romantic.

I think Luke is going to be one of those guys who really, really hates Valentines Day.
Just a hunch.
What do you think?
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Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowflakes and Smiles

While New England was being pounded by Nemo, out here in Utah we were picking up quite a bit of snow too.
I was eager to try to photograph the flakes; as it turned out the snow was not very amendable to my plans.

At first the snow blew so hard and fast that the snowflakes were splatted as they hit any surface.
When the winds died down, the flakes turned to sand like bits that had no interesting structure at all.

Then the temperature rose to above freezing.
I watched perfectly formed flakes melt as soon as they landed on any surface.

Not to be denied a photo session, I drove up the mountain to find a lower temperature.
Up there the flakes were still being blown about and were rimed, that is, the crystal structures were coated with frozen water droplets.

Most of the flakes looked like big shaggy white blobs.
This one had a bit of crystal structure still showing.

It wasn't that much above freezing even up in the mountains so I often had to watch the flakes melt just as I got a good focus.
Plus I had no good place to set up my tripod so I had to hand hold my shots.

This one was the best of the lot.
Beautiful isn't it?

Since it is Monday, I thought I post a few smiles that may put a smile on your face.
Baby smiles tend to make anyone smile!

You are welcome to enjoy a quick game of peek-a-boo...

I think the world would be a better place if we all could get in a round of peek a boo at least once a day.

Luke will be ten months old tomorrow.
Time has flown...

Tate is Luke's very best buddy; the cat stays within reach of Luke even when Luke is swinging toys about.
Tate has learned to duck when needed!

Happy Monday everyone!
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