Thursday, April 12, 2012

Four Hours Old

Luke Dustin Spriggs....four hours old!

He arrived 4-12-2012 at 12:36 pm.
This is Bernie's first peek at his grandson.

8lb 6 oz...20 inches long.
And like his mom and dad and grandparents, he has big feet!

So this is what a 14th Generation American looks like.
He descends on both sides of his parentage from people who settled in America in the early 1600s.
I hope he will feel proud of his heritage and live a life that will love and honor God, just as generations before him have.

Doesn't he look bright eyed for one so new? 

Bernie was half way across America this morning.  He was able to  fly home and be here two hours after Luke arrived.
I had spent the night at the hospital waiting for the birth, but I left once I was told he had safely arrived without seeing him.
I wanted to share the experience of seeing our first grandchild with Bernie.
It was worth waiting a couple of more hours to meet Luke in order to have that be a shared experience.

He is a big baby...but still looks tiny next to his grandfather's hand.

Labor was long...pushing lasted a long time too.
For a little guy who had been squashed in labor and was twelve days over due, he was very mellow.

The new mom and new dad are still getting used to their little lad. 

Those feet...with the newborn peeling skin.
Precious in our sight.
We bless God for a safe arrival of a healthy child and for the new parents too.
Thanking God, and those who prayed for his safe arrival.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

He Arose!

Just in case anyone was wondering...our family proudly proclaims that we welcome Easter!

Spring fresh colors and iconic figures are added to our home.
(The new print above the mantel was a photo of a baby gull taken up in Seattle last summer).

It doesn't take much to change out our decorations to spring time.
A basket is filled with potted primroses and a ceramic bunny get a fresh bow around his neck.

Some gardening related books are selected from our book titles.

This year I found a new table runner to freshing up the Easter dinner table setting.

My mom made the bunny years ago and together we made the ceramic eggs.
The dishes...I selected as a sixteen year old.
The pink goblets belonged to my paternal grandmother.
The silverware belonged to my maternal grandmother.

The cat in the window, Hart, was acquired at the Houston Humane Society about eleven years ago.

The remind us of our Passover Lamb who was slain for our sins.
(I miss having Passover with my Messianic friends. Eating the Passover meal makes the Easter season  so much more real to me).

Easter bonnet...with all the trim upon it.A simple black skirt and white shirt was all that needed for an Easter outfit. 

Every Easter morning I wonder what the sermon will highlight.
Today...we looked at the event through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.
I learned something from the message.
Scripture mentions that Joseph of Ariamatha was a member of the Jewish Counsel.
Apparently he revered Christ greatly as he gave his newly hewed and very expensive garden tomb.

What I didn't know before:

The laws in Israel at the time of Christ's death were such that a criminal could not share a grave.

To be crucified was the way a criminal was killed.
Joseph's very costly newly hewn tomb was a structure designed to serve as a tomb for his entire family.

He knew that by allowing crucified Jesus to be buried in the tomb he would have to pay to have another tomb made.

It just astonishes me that there are still details to learn about the circumstances of the death and resurrection of my Savior. 

Tate *may* get decorated too...just can't decide what color bow to use...

I hadn't planned on cooking an Easter dinner as the doctor had told our daughter-in-law for months that she would be induced once she was one week over due.
I figured the new little family would just be getting home from the hospital on Easter...and taking a simple meal over to their house would make more sense.
The doctor changed her mind.
The new "latest date before induction" is next Friday.
I have to say it was a gloomy change of plans.
 We were all geared up for a baby this weekend.
Please be praying that Luke will arrive soon!