Sunday, September 15, 2013

Paper Lions: Kathie's boys come to town!

Somewhere along the way in blogland I hit it off with Island Sparrow, aka Kathie MacPhee.
I think we've been reading each other's blogs for about six or so years now and have discovered that we got married the same week in the same year, are both librarians, have the same camera, both of us own orange cats, we grew up on beaches and swimming, our husbands love fishing and oh, most importantly, we became grandmothers for the first time at the same time last year.
We "clicked" as best we could, considering Kathie lives on Prince Edward's Island while I lived in Houston and now Salt Lake City.
At one point in our early friendship Kathie even sent me an Anne of Green Gables hat with red braids!
If that doesn't bond a friendship, I don't know what will.
Occasional notes between us would express how much fun it would to spent time together some day.
Well, someday may come...some day.
Meanwhile, two of her sons are in a cool award winning band called Paper Lions.
And as luck would have it, the band was scheduled to play in Salt Lake City during their "My Friends" tour.
As soon as I found that fact out I booked tickets and was set to go!
Only to find out that Bernie would be out of town.
I asked if either my son or daughter-in-law could go with me.
Turns out both of them went with me, and Luke got to go too due to babysitter scheduling issue.
Now just between you and me and the rest of the universe:
I happen to think Kathie's granddaughter Josie MacPhee is adorable, and I can think of no good reason why Josie and Luke shouldn't eventually meet and marry.
Just sayin'...
So it seemed perfectly reasonable that Luke have an opportunity to try to win Josie's dad over.
We ran into Josie's dad John (aka Lead Singer of Paper Lions) before the show.
I handed Luke off and let him work his charms.
Luke: So you are Josie's dad?  Kinda not sure what to say here.
Mim said I should try to win you over.

Luke: He's nice!  I like him!

Next my son Jeff (and his wife) met Kathie's son John.
Luke clearly felt right at home with John.

Then I asked if I could get a photo with John too.
Kathie had told him we would be at the show.
I imagine he is just over the moon to have an almost 60 year old grandmother as a groupie at his show. 
And a baby. 
He now has documentation that his band appeals to almost all ages!
We got to the venue at 7:30; another group was playing and Paper Lions was to go on at 9.
Easy time kill for us...we went back out to the street to Granary Row where we could grab some food from a food truck and do a little window shopping.

Shipping containers have been set up in the middle of one of SLC typical six lane streets for street music, food and fun.

Clever way to green up the side of a shipping container don't you think?
So fun!
Jeff talked with some of the folks around and learned that the street area is where many local musicians first perform.
If they do well they may be asked to perform for pay at other venues.
They had lots of "corn hole" games set up.

Rachel scored!

(Corn hole:  Corn filled bag is tossed at a "hole".  Kind of like horseshoes without danger of being hit by heavy object.)

There was some other kind of game with balls on strings.
I think you throw them at a stand and try to get them to stay.

Cosy interesting little shops inside the shipping containers.

The copper press artist was carving a block to use for printing.

I checked out the food carts and decided to go with this one.

Thai taco and Korean taco.

Jeff went with egg rolls from another stand.

Luke eats what we eat.
He really loves spicy Mexican food, but I haven't seen him turn down any food. 
The kid is a great eater!

I've driven by this place a few times...someday maybe I swing in and see the auto museum.

The shoes:
I spent a good hour trying to figure out what to wear to this concert.
I was pretty sure it was casual, but how casual?
I hate to admit it but my wardrobe simply does not include "clubbing" or rock band clothes.
I've got business wear, church wear, ethnic/vintage wear, hiking/snow/camping wear, and cleaning the house wear.
None of those outfits seemed quite right for the occasion.
I dithered between a couple of outfits, thought about sending Kathie an email asking what the heck should I wear to this thing, and laughed at how I imagined she would laugh at the idea that I was worried about it!
In the end I defaulted to black slot neck 3/4 sleeve knit top, black pants and a long burnt orange cotton scarf, in honor of the fact that my beloved Oregon State Beavers were playing the University of Utah that same night.
OSU=Orange and black.
(That I chose the band over going to the game astonished my family.)
I decided I would glam up a tiny bit on my feet, wear a cool bracelet and necklace,  skip a  hat and call it done.
When I arrived at Jeff and Rachel's house they clued me in that the dress code was definitely more jeans and flannel with a dash of grunge.
I ditched my necklace..
and away we went.

About 8:45 we headed back to Kilby Court where the band was playing.

To get there one walked down a private alley in an old mixed use neighborhood.
Folks were just hanging out everywhere.

The band would play inside a garage like structure with a window so one could also watch from a patio area.

Luke practiced climbing steps while we waited.

He was doing pretty good until just before nine...about two hours past his bedtime.
Rachel drove home with him, leaving Jeff and me to enjoy the concert.

The patio area had a welcomed bonfire going; it had started raining while we were waiting.
And then....

Paper Lions cut loose!
The audience stood and rocked with them as they played.
Me too.
Jeff was impressed with their sound (whew!  he is pretty fussy about his music)
I had listened to several of their youtube songs (and here  and  here and a whole bunch here) and was glad that John invited singing along as I found myself singing anyway.
(Their instruments were loud enough to drown out my off key warble thankfully.  The youtube songs are their acoustical versions; the concert was far more rock out full drums/hot keyboard and guitar licks. Loved the energy!)
An hour on my feet, keeping up with the music with bopping and bouncing with the crowd.
Didn't want it to end!
After the show I scored the tour poster and two cds...

Kathie took the photo on this cd.
She took the photo years and years ago at her daughter's childhood birthday party.
Surely she never dreamed as she clicked the shot how it would one day be used.
And like a good mom, she isn't even asking for her sons for copyright $$$ for usage.

And check me out:
I got the Paper Lions button pin too!
The guys are doing a concert in San Diego in a week or so.
Seriously thinking of flying home to San Diego to catch the concert.
Would that make me a middle aged roadie, kind of?
Maybe I can just be a charter member of the Paper Lions Salt Lake City fan club?
Check their concert schedule: maybe you can catch one of their tour stops.
Clear your calendar, ink in the date and go!
So. Much. Fun.
(And after the performance Jeff and I hopped in a cab to go home.
 I was treated to the cab's radio tuned in to the winning Oregon State Beavers hammering the Utah Utes.
Fireworks were exploding around the city for two other events as we were driven home through the  rainy night.  Absolutely surreal fun.
I caught the second half of the game on Jeff's tv; the game went on into over time and the Beavers won the game at four minutes past midnight local time.
If only Bernie, Kathie and her husband Roger and granddaughter Josie could have been at the concert too I would have called the night absolutely perfect.
The tour is called The Friends tour.
That title was part of the perfectness: to call you a friend!