Friday, June 29, 2012

More Vacation...

One day on vacation we just drove around checking out fishing spots and campgrounds.
I would have been happy camping here....

A felled beetled killed tree looked quite interesting when seen from this angle.

Watching Bernie cast is actually quite relaxing. 
 No fish here...

For late June the water level is very, very low.

We stopped by one of my favorite camping areas: Butterfly Lake.

I had acquired a "moon" chair just for moments like this one.

I ate my lunch while Bernie challenged the fish.
(He was more interested in fishing than picnicing..) 

Avalanche lilies were still in bloom here.
Back around our house they bloom in late March and are long gone by now.

After I ate and nodded off for a bit I decided to walk around the lake too.
Looking back at my now empty moon chair...

This flower.... 
 Bloomed heavily in meadows around the lake.

Another glance back at the moon chair at the far left middle...and our car.
Just so you know how really lazy one can be when finding a place to loll around out in the forest.
This lake even has wheelchair access ramps for wheelchair bound fishing.

Happy Bernie...

At another stop:
A beautiful purple flower.

Which was spiking up all over a golden grass meadow.
Also surprising to see mountain tops in the distance that are almost snow free this early in the summer season.
Last year the snows stayed stubbornly until almost August in some campgrounds.

Wasn't it great of the Park Service to flag us Oregon State Beavers about a place for us to see things?
Or something like that...
(Beaver Creek was running through the area.  There was also a Beaver Creek Nudist Ranch. We didn't even take a look...)

Bernie's favorite flower was blooming along the river.
He plucked a couple shooting stars and stuck them into the lapel of his fishing vest.
I found that quite romantic.
I was reading a great book in the car on Bernie's ipod.
He came by and told me I really should explore the river bank.
I am glad I was just the perfect kind of light on the water by then.
I always appreciate a butterfly willing to pose...

We went by Mirror Lake and an enormous campground with ranger programs and walks with interpretive materials for kids to explore.
Not the kind of place I want to camp right now...maybe will want to later with grands though...
Can you see the mountains towering over the tree tops?
So majestic!

There were shooting stars blooming heavily all along the stream bank of the last picture.
They are so pretty... 
Wish we could grow them in our garden. 
Then Bernie could wear them every day.
More vacation shots to come...stay tuned!
Picasa is refusing to upload random shots so if you see blank squares in this post that is why.
Anyone else having issues?
I also am not able to email pictures...grrrr!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fishing the Weber

After the Sunday garden tour we stayed home a night, then returned to Park City and back to our vacation.
A trip to the Weber River was an easy drive, about twenty minutes away.
Prime fishing spot!
Beautiful too.

Being June the roses were in bloom along the riverbanks.

The cottonwood was cotton-y too.

Bernie wades right in...

I can see baby fish in the water.

I am so glad Bernie loves to stream fish as he is happy doing what he likes and I am happy to explore along the stream, taking pictures and enjoying watching birds and butterflies and such.

The distinctive profile of a Cedar Waxwing with the pointy head.

Bernie got a hook up almost right away.


He released the fish...personally I love poached trout for breakfast so I would rather he hang on to them...

How seriously gorgeous is this?

And another one...

I have a perfect perch to watch the action.
The rocks were quite hot however.
Almost uncomfortably hot...made me wish I had been wearing shorts and water shoes so I could have waded around a bit.

As the sun set I wished I had remembered to apply bug spray.
I waved a good bye to Bernie and headed back to the car.

I enjoyed watching the breezes wisk the grasses in this meadow where our car was parked until Bernie joined me a few minutes later.