Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Day

A beautiful brunch!
Green depression glass that we've always seem to have had, and milk glass plates that were a bequeathed treasure from Moness Waterbury.

Someday I will blog about her.
She was an original, and deserves her to be written about at length.

My mom made a delicious strata, southwestern style. Oh boy...I've got to get the recipe, as my mouth is watering just looking at this picture.
We wanted to wait present opening until Laura was off work.

So Bernie and I ambled the four short blocks to the beach.

The coast walk in the following blog ends at the tip of land seen in the middle of the picture.
The view the other way up the beach, the north view towards Scripps institute. (Hi Sherm!)
Posted by Picasa Ever wondered what Santa does after he finishes delivering gifts?

Well, now you know.

He slips into a jogging suit and heads for La Jolla Shores.

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