Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seeing what Louise is up to....

One of my favorite milliners is Louise Green. Her Spring 2009 online catalogue is out, and I've "borrowed" three pictures that made my heart skip a beat.
Isn't this pink hat pure romance? Sigh...I'd love to wear a hat like that ALL THE TIME!
Double click the pictures to see the prices.
But having a somewhat more practical lifestyle, perhaps I could accomplish more in my day in this grey hat. A bit of "no-nonsense" that could turn flirtatious in a wink.
Now here is a shocker: a turban! Turbans haven't been seen in years and years...although through history they pop in and out of fashion. One of the first ladies (whose name escapes me now) had her portrait done wearing a turban. The news from the Fashion Week runways is knitted wrap hats, very turban like indeed. Hmmm...the best part of a turban is that it is worn with all your hair tucked up inside. Fast fashion for those "don't want to mess with my hair" days. Draping a turban is a ticklish art form, much more difficult than blocking a hat, and the $795 price tag reflects that very fact.
I'm always interested in hats that could be used as a wedding hat. The paned veiling would be so smart compared to the typical tulle. A totally memorable hat...can't you just hear the wedding guest trying to describe it to their friends later?

And how cute would it be to have the wedding hat on a hat stand below the wedding pictures.

My hats are still boxed up, but I am seeing daylight coming through windows now that some of the boxes are unpacked. Yesterday I longed to wear a cute hat, but couldn't dig one out to match my outfit before I rushed off to work. By noon the snowfall began in earnest, with flakes the size of quarters blowing furiously all about. By 5 o'clock the mountains surrounding SLC were once again totally blanketed in white. Winter had returned after all; and griping was heard all about. I on the other hand practically skipped as the soft flakes smashed into me as I walked to my car.

None of the snow had stuck to the ground or car, so off I went happily home.

(The sad news: Bernie is now laid flat with the same horrid sore throat that began I suffering with two weeks ago. Mine is down to coughing and blowing still...hate to see B. have to go through this too!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday Afterglow

Yesterday this bouquet was delivered to me at work from Mr. B.

I had always wanted to be one of those women who have flowers delivered to them at work.

Especially with an unusual arrangement almost three feet high!

When I got home, a bouquet from Laura was awaiting me, a lively mix of colors and shapes.
She know me well!

The three pink roses?
Totally unexpected.
They were sent by the much maligned contractor, along with a very flattering note, which also thanked me for being such a joy to work with.
I appreciate the flattery...and the flowers..but I still want my house finished, like yesterday!

Bernie had ordered a sponge cake with the lightest of strawberry whip cream icing and white chocolate flowers blooming atop the cake.
It was absolutely delicious!

Rachel had mentioned a modern furniture shop that has these great orange pillows, almost a felted wool and in a rectangular shape. I immediately drooled, and meant to head over to buy some this weekend, but she beat me to it.

We haven't had a chance to get new furniture yet, but the two orange pillows really brighten up the otherwise rather subdue old couches.

I suppose Tiggie will approve as well....being a fan of all things orange like himself.
It was a lovely rainy evening in front of the fire, with the four of us chatting over the upcoming wedding (16 days away!) and Rachel and I examining my collection of vintage 1920's-30's peach silk lingerie. A little girl bonding time while the boys talked business...

This morning it was still raining...then sleeting...then big fat snowflakes began to fall.
The green blushed hillsides are again snuggled in downy white, and the seasonal stream at the bottom of our property is roaringly flowing with icy water.
It would be a great day to linger in front of the fire, read a good book, bake some bread or visit with a friend.
Cozy stuff like that.
Instead I am spending the day in my "cozy" library at work, still blowing and coughing and trying to get well.
Oh well.
It is not such a bad place to be on a day like this either.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Seasons Change and Life Goes On

Two weeks ago our deck looked like this.
The overnight snowfall had filled the chair seat to the arm levels, and the snow continued to fall.

Now the trees in the city look like this one outside the front door of my work.
The plum trees are blooming all over the city, and every day more flowering trees are exploding with color.
Jeff gave us some insight into seasonal life here: Autumn comes down from the mountains, Spring comes up from the valley.
We are living in the mountains so the floral displays are not exuberant in our neighborhood, so driving to work is like going from winter to spring in less than 20 minutes.
Today we have gloomy rain. Four white tulips had bloomed outside in the lower part of our garden; I took a moment to rescue them from the muddy back splashes of the springtime downpours. The daisies were lingering from a bouquet from a friend that was sent weeks ago.
If you enlarge this picture you can see the quartz counter top that is now in our kitchen. The cabinets are filled with our kitchen supplies, but we are still awaiting our cabinet doors.

I had told our contractor a month ago that by April 14th I wanted everything done, and have the only reason for him to be in my kitchen be to enjoy some birthday cake with me.
And wasn't that the least he could try to have all the remodeling finished up for my 55th birthday?
After all...that was a full month and a half past his original promised completion date.

Well, you don't always get everything you want for your birthday.
I'm off to work, and this evening Bernie, Jeff and Rachel will be celebrating with me, with (I am promised) a white cake with strawberry filling.
I'm expecting it to be a pleasant time.
I won't however be expecting the contractor to drop by for a slice of cake too.
No cake for him until the kitchen and bathroom and baseboards are all done!