Friday, November 12, 2010

This one will never be found on the MGCC blog.

Have you ever heard of "Italian Wedding Soup"?

It is a pretty well known soup; almost every soup cook book includes a recipe for the it. The recipe frequently includes bread, onions, various meat balls, there are minor variations, but the recipe is always carefully documented.

Sort of like a wedding: Every wedding is a little different, but in the end the event is officially documented.

Tonight I made the lesser known variation of the soup, the one no proper Christian cooking blog would ever dare to post.

I made what I call an "Italian One Night Stand Soup".

Italian One Night Stand Soup, (unlike an Italian Wedding Soup), is not a documented recipe.

It just sort of "happens" thing kind of leads to another, and there's lots of things involved, spice, a glass of wine, some oil, a ripe tomato and oh yes, a sausage.

Exactly how did the Italian One Night Stand Soup all come together?

Who can really say?

Let's just say as I peered into my food storage and freezer, some things just caught my eye.

I flirted with them, trying to decide what to do with them.

Then I just got carried away.

There was V-8 juice

Beef Stock

Red Italian wine

Parmesan cheese

Peppers (bell, black, and red)

Italian sausages

Top Ramen noodles (yeah, a one night stand tends to involve odd cultural mixes I hear.)

Sun Dried Tomatoes




Mixed vegetables.


Olive Oil

Oregano and Basil.

And then, of course, it was cooked for one full night.

Well, like most one night stands, it turned out hot and memorable, but I promise it will never happen again.

It couldn't possibly happen again.

In fact, if asked about Italian One Night Stand Soup, I plan to smile my best Mona Lisa smile, raise my eyebrows, and deny that I know any thing about it.

How could I?

After all...I'm really not an Italian, nor have I ever actually had a one night stand!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Baby Steps

Not much is going on around here, which is fine with me. Bernie has been playing with the new camera more than I have and took these shots of our neighbor's front yard.

They switched out their front yard lamp light for an orange "pigtail" light. It is just perfect with all the fall colors in the yard. Next year I'm going to try to grab an orange light too when they are seasonally offered for Halloween.

Speaking of orange....the FOCIT (Faithful orange cat in training) is doing quite well in his studies. He now "snoopervises" all tasks, especially floor cleaning, and is exhibiting several other "orange cat" traits. It is quite interesting to watch his personality compared to the other cats.

Missy continues to lounge on the deck. Poor Hart; inside Frenchie attacks him about once a day, and for some reason if he heads outside after that attack, then Missy lays into him.

Frankly I am surprised he hasn't packed up and left home.

Our goldfinch feeder has caught on with the goldies at last.

Tate enjoys keeping an eye on all the birdie doings. We had quite a bit of snow yesterday, with a lot more to come on Wednesday. The bird feeders are being used a lot this morning, with wood peckers, chickadees, doves, finches, toehees all gobbling seed like crazy.

The tomato plants and petunias pots are hanging out in the garage beneath a window to soak up sunlight until the storms pass through.

Yes, the frost (and the snow) is on the pumpkins here, but I'm not quite ready to pull up the dabs of summer/fall colors just yet.
Like I said: Not much going on around here. I did figure out how to download pictures for the first time from the new
Baby steps...just taking baby steps to learn how to really use this thing.