Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Having a mid April birthday has meant that Easter-y themes have tended to pop up as decoration.  I actually do remember getting these plastic bunnies (from my grandparents I believe). Their tiny glasses caught my attention even as a three year old.

Revisiting my childhood birthday photos made me kind of wish for a bunny themed party again.

On my actual birthday, life went on as usual for a bit; a run to the grocery store was at the top of my "to do" list.
Check it out!  How about that sign? 

 Why yes I would like free cake and ice cream and Happy Birthday sung to me!

I notified an Associate and he led me over to a glass pastry case full of cup cakes.  I was told to pick the one I wanted.  The bunny ears peeking up in the back row...
 My bunny cake wish suddenly came true!
I was seated in the deli area and soon had about six associates belting out a rousing rendition of the traditional birthday song.

How fun is that???

There would be more fun with family later...

(To be continued...)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birthday Weekend: Blue Boar Inn

Midway Utah was settled by Swiss immigrants and the area has some wonderful Old World Swiss architecture.
The Blue Boar Inn is a bed and breakfast/restaurant place that I have been wanting to stay at since we first moved to Utah.

Bernie decided to surprise me with reservations for dinner and a stay over for my 60th birthday.

Our room was the one with the balcony on the second floor right over his head in this photo.

It is such a beautiful place...

The big boar sculpture out front looks out over the beautiful setting.

The signature image of the Blue Boar.

We ascended to our room via a spiral staircase.

The hallways had wonderful art.

The lodge feeling was carried out with taxidermy on the walls.

Our room:
With a collection of Barrett/Browning poetry books.

Next to our door was a fragrant bouquet in a niche.

Inside was an elegant four poster bed that was so high it required stairs to get up on the bed!

The carpeting was a hand loomed floral design.

Antique pieces decorated the room.

On the bed:
A stuffed boar!

The carved armoire was from long ago Europe.
You can see just a bit of the knotty alder ceiling in the room too.

I could have camped out on that bed for the whole weekend!
But we had dinner reservations so instead of flaking out we went back downstairs to our meal.

The wait staff was so pleasant.
 They told us about all the amazing antiques in the dinning area.
(And no, they didn't point me out as "antiques"-ha!)
On the wall behind us were cross bows from the 14th and 15th century.
I couldn't stop looking at them.

The chargers were custom made for the Blue Boar Inn

The table had a salt dip with locally harvested pink salt, and a sweet tiny salt spoon to serve the salt.

It was suggested that the salt had special food enhancing powers.
Maybe it was just the power of suggestion but I think it was true!
The four courses...I didn't get photos of all of them but the buttermilk soup served on the folded napkin was a beautiful touch.
I had a schnitzel with red cabbage and German dumplings.
Check out the menu and the dining room HERE
I had a lemon sorbet for dessert and after I finished that these sweet tiny chocolate boars on the blue boar dish were presented.

When we returned our bed had been turned down.
 A small booklet of poetry, chocolate and a red rose had been placed on our bed.
I had to save the chocolate as I was so full from dinner!

The boar was now snuggling against fluffy white bathrobes.

Outside our balcony something was watching us...but it was just the aspen trees!
It must be an especially beautiful scene to see out the window in the fall when the aspens are in golden hues.

From our balcony we could look down on the dining area.
Check out those antler chandeliers!

A few other room touches.

The double Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom had a stained glass window over it and a beautifully framed antique mirror.

We were not disturbed at all, all night.
After a great night's sleep with the balcony door open to the great mountain air, we woke up to the delicious scent of Swedish pancakes being prepared.
Funny how a boar head can be so artful.

The chef has won lots and lots of awards...

Our breakfast table.

The breakfast had multiple courses too.
I was still so full from the dinner the night before it almost was not fair.

We explored the Inn a bit more.

There is a pub in the Inn too and since it is close to one of Bernie's favorite rivers, I think we will be coming by again to enjoy a bite there after fishing.
We took a walk across the street to the state park to check out the golf course and small lake.
Is that not a gorgeous view?

Behind the Inn is a huge patio area with a gazebo that would be perfect for a wedding.

The winds were rising and rain was predicted; the temperature was dropping rapidly so we cut our stroll a bit short.

(Easter is coming!  And they have an awesome Easter brunch there too!)

Bernie wanted to swing by the Provo River to see how it was flowing.

It had been sunny and warm when we woke up.
Bernie as always was on the look out for reptiles.

And sure enough, a sluggish gopher snake was trying to get a little spring sunshine on the trial.
Bernie pointed it out to me so I could get a photo.

During the half hour drive home the weather went back to full on winter and we drove through flying snow.
At home the Master's golf tournament and a cozy fire was to be enjoyed for the rest of the day.
So that was how I spent my last day as a "50-something" woman.
It Was Perfect.
Absolutely perfect!