Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day

Hi all. I haven't posted this week because I got very violently sick on Saturday night and was hospitalized on Sunday. My favorite Mother's Day present was a big push of Dilaudid into my IV. If you are ever in serious pain, try will like it.

If I can hang onto my food for 24 hrs perhaps I can go home tomorrow. My colon is definitely goofed up. The labs results show it isn't food poisoning and two doctors hold two different opinions on what is going on. Nothing can really be confirmed until the colon heals and can be scoped.

Right now the antibiotics makes all food taste horrible, and with each bite I take I wonder if it will stay in me. I simply do not want to eat; I think I have discovered a miracle cure for appetite.

It's been a rough five days. Today is the first time I have felt well enough for B. to bring me my laptop. He has been by my side each day, and Laura has been "on call" literally as she is training out of the area. Her professional knowledge is priceless to me as it is difficult to know when to head to the Emergency room or when to ask for something different during care. (My favorite tip from her: ask for baby wipes..the hospital has them, and regular hospital tissues are really rough...)

I am praying that the colon heals super fast, and that my mouth and stomach also return to normal. I just want to be well...and go home.