Thursday, October 18, 2012

Millcreek in Autumn again, with Luke.

The view from our front yard is blazing with color.
And if you look closely, you will note a rainbow just above the power lines on the left.
Recently we seem to be having more than a typical amount of rainbows.
Color on color: the world is wearing a rainbow colored veil everywhere we look.

I took a walk with Luke up in Millcreek in early September.
He seemed in awe of the trees that were just barely showing fall colors.

Two days ago when we went to the same stop in a path the scene now looked like this.

Bernie strolled Luke around on this visit to Millcreek.
I lingered behind the guys to capture the scene forever.

I am not sure what they talked about...

And Luke didn't spill any beans.
His lips were sealed.

The way the path way shoulders are trimmed reminds me of thick cuff or collar worn against a creeping chill.

Love his puppy slippers and perfect autumn colored outfit!

Luke's first autumn; Luke's first romp in fall leaves.

The area we are visiting in Millcreek is called Church Fork.
It is about four miles from our house.

These stairs have captured my photographic attention in fall and winter snow.
Now I think the stairs will be featured in a yearly photo showing how Luke grows.

Starting at the bottom, each year he can move up a step.
Perhaps at one point he will be joined by a sibling...or  perhaps even a wife!
Twenty steps between each stair landing.
I won't be around to take 80 years worth, but perhaps he will figure out a way to keep taking fall pictures over the years.
Wouldn't that be amazing to see?

I like this shot.

And this one too.

Eventually he will learn to look towards the camera.
Right now the yellow rustling leaves are much more interesting.

I like this shot too.
Oh I do love our beautiful Millcreek Canyon with so many walking and hiking trails to explore.
Alone, or with a sweetheart of any age.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meanwhile, Autumn also appears in SLC

We took a walk through Church Fork in Mill Creek canyon yesterday.
The fall colors and leafy wonderful!

I will let you just mosey along with me at your own speed.

I have no idea why every time I take fall foliage pictures the pictures turn out looking like a painting.
I use my regular camera settings.

 A secret leaf stash...

The sky was quite grey yesterday and it poured rain right after we left the Canyon.
Today it is sunny and I hope to try to get up there again to try some different camera settings to see if I can get crisper images.
May use a tripod and a 50 lens.
Are you getting good fall color near you?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alaska Travelog: Reading and Receiving

I have always enjoyed taking books with me on vacation.
About twenty years ago I started chosing my vacation reading to be fiction about where I was going.
This trip I finally identify that I specifically enjoy non-fiction short stories about the place that I am visiting.
(Hint: Walk up to your favorite librarian and ask for the call number of non-fiction short stories about where ever  you are going.)
Both Bernie and I really, really enjoyed Alaska Passages.Stories written by people who live in Alaska; stories that made us think, or laugh or cry.
Even if you are not heading to Alaska, this book is a winner!

Another short story collection, The Way Winter Comes taught us a lot about hunting and Alaska wildlife.
I find that the short story format works well on vacation because I tend to begin a book and then hunker down and reading the book cover to cover in one long haul.
With a short story I get a complete story in six to twelve pages.
Perfect sized stories for reading during a break in the day or before lights out.

This book on the other hand was not technically a collection of short stories, but the author tells true stories about her life in Haines Alaska in each chapter.
She is a spiritual Christian east coast raised liberal woman, and while I didn't see eye to eye with her on some of her views, I think she would be the kind of neighbor that anyone could appreciate.

Bernie's cousin's husband Brian offered to give us a LOT of fish (that he had caught).
The cod, salmon, halibut, ling cod, and rock fish steaks were packed frozen into a cooler (along with some moose steaks from a moose he had hunted) and we had it all shipped home to us.

Bernie and his little supervisor unpacking the fish...

Oh yum!

A week later I had mastered microwave, pan fried and deep fat fried fish recipes.
I am still not tired of fish!

Thank you Brian!!!
You are a peach!
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