Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Eve Morning: Going to Church

My gal pal Gail flew out from Denver to be with her folks in San Diego too. The Colorado Christmas blizzard seems quite unbelievable when considered from this location.

It was such a joy to attend church with my folks, husband, and friend.

The service was wonderful, with children choir, instruments, a sermon on ornaments that decorate tree and how God gives us so many blessings that surpass even the most elegant ornaments, and how we should cherish the memories of blessing we receive as thoughtfully as the memories that we attribute to our Christmas tree ornaments.

I'll say "Amen!" to that!

And the recessional hymn was "Joy to the World", the song Bernie and I recessed to at our own wedding thirty years and six days earlier in the same church.

I wish I had thought to get a picture of all us in front of the church. I guess a web link will have to do.

Bernie and I walked around a bit.

The street behind my parent's home. I never cared much for palm trees growing up. They just didn't have much climb and lean up against and read a book appeal.

Palm trees look prettier to me now. If they will just learn how to change color in the fall....
The sky was an amazing blue, as it so often is in La Jolla in December.
Posted by Picasa My groom still looks great to me!
I like that tie...Christmasy, but not kitchy.

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