Thursday, March 29, 2012

324,000 Bulbs!

Yup, it is that time of year again at Red Butte Garden.
Daffodils galore!
A few years back I made a point of photographing each and every daffodil at the garden (wink)...
This year I didn't try to keep track.

This year I took my tripod and three lens, include the sort of challenging 50 mm lens.
That's the one that only zooms as much as you move yourself closer to whatever it is you are trying to photograph.

This year I had my telephoto lens too.
It made quite a difference when taking more distant views.

OK...all together now...lonely of golden daffodils.
Yes, thanks to my Mom, that poem played in my mind as I viewed the blooming masses.

There are still flower beds in the garden where the daffodils have yet to open.
Right now I would venture to say there were around 10 varieties in bloom.
The long "nosed" daffodils are so interesting.
I am at a loss to declare which variety of daffodils I like best. 

Red Butte is surrounded by snow capped mountains.
The garden is spectacular nearly year around due to thoughtful textural planting that manages to look great even in winter snow.

Overnight rain had left jewel like droplets on the daffodils; the rain was not heavy so none of the flowers were pounded down.

I did make a point of getting to the garden early to catch the morning sunshine doing a back light on the blossoms.
I arrived at ten; the garden opens at 9, and I noted a Japanese gentleman leaving the garden with his substantial looking camera as I was arriving.
Yeah, the light was probably amazing at nine...

A little self portrait there in the glass work...

So there I was, loving the daffodils.
Then I was loving the tulip tree...especially with the fuzzy buds just beginning to crack open in the sunshine.
(Considering this shot for enlarging for above my fireplace mantle....)

I've mastered getting a nice out of focus background.
Somewhere along the line I have lost my ability to shoot with everything in focus though.
Need to study up on my camera settings again.

The crocus was sporatically in bloom around the garden.
I do wish they would last longer than the usual two weeks per plant.

My finger to demonstrate how tiny this daffodil really is.

Love striped leaves on crocus and how the flower glows when back lit.

The blue to violet to purple: thrills me every year.
Glad I can still plop myself prone on the ground to enjoy seeing it.

The flower beds will be filled with summer color in a few months.

The Lenten Roses were blooming, appropriately matching the Liturgical calendar.
I never cared much for the flower until I encounted them at Red Butte and learned to tip up the nodding flower to see the complex design inside the freckled petals.

Apparently I am not the only admirer of Lenten Rose's centers....

Oh how I tried to get a focused shot of that red and yellow stripped bumble bee!

Doesn't this look like a painting?
Weird huh?
It would make a smashing watercolor...maybe someday I will give it a shot.

Shoot...didn't get my finger in this picture.
The "mini" dutch iris is about four inches tall!
My thumb could cover the whole face of the flower.

They are just so darn cute...and come in so many colors.
I think I like the purple-deep blue variety the best.

One thing that I especially like about Red Butte gardens is the native trees that are allowed to just grow, and there are dirt paths that wind through them.
I can have a formal garden visit and an out-in-the-forest visit all in the same day

The mini dutch iris in white.

Mr. and Mrs. Mallard... 

And a nice couple that were visiting from Canada.

(The Canada goose were swinging by in pairs overhead and it was pretty easy to get a photo of them because they honked non-stop as they flew.  I just had to listen...figure out where they were headed...aim...and shoot!)

These two put up a big noisy fuss when I walked down the path towards the pond.
They flew off...and flew around and around in circles over my head and then finally landed on the amplitheater stage.
They kept looking around, then put their heads together, then looked around some more like if they were trying to decide when it would be safe to go back to the pond.
I've heard of Cabbage Roses.
This is Ornamental Cabbage that looks like a rose...
Pretty...I think I need to plant ornamental cabbage in my shade garden at home.

Well, thanks for tagging along on this years Red Butte Garden Daffodil Days.

I did make a slide show with additional pictures if you want to see more or just want to see the pictures full sized.
Just go ahead and click HERE