Thursday, January 04, 2007

December 26th: On to SLC, an Airport Cutie, Christmas pt. 3 and a place to hang my hat

While we waited for our luggage in SLC, this young fashionista pranced about next to us.

I'd prance too if I had a cool outfit like that.

Wowzah, where can I get pink cowboy patterned tights that match my shirt, skirt and pink cowgirl boots and hat?

Even her luggage was pink and monogrammed.

She was adorable, and oh so pretty.

Another little girl her age in a pair of plain jeans and fuggy sweater looked on, wearing an expression of tiredness.

I can relate. Nothing like wearing your fuggy comfy clothes and then having to be right next to the lady in totally trendy attire. Happens to us all from time to time.

Jeff had decorated a gorgeous tree in his favorite USC red and gold colors. (They won the Rose Bowl later...)

Since his tree had no topper, my hat served the role admirably, don't you think?

The idea apparently is catching on.

Hat ladies, are you listening?
We actually opened gifts the next morning, on Wednesday the 27th.

Lovely day, with a little snowfall to make the setting just right.

Posted by Picasa I loved this tree, although I've forgotten what kind it is. The top of the needles were a rich green and the underside was a frosty white.

My folks have handed off their non-cat Christmas tree ornaments, and it was very cheery to see the old Red Baron air plane and other ornaments from my family's tree that I remembered from my childhood.

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