Sunday, November 21, 2010

Storm (first of four!)


There were cute little bird tracks in the snow dusting the deck right outside our kitchen door this morning.
I've never seen birds hop around on the deck in this area before.
Was he trying to get out of the snowfall?
After three days of southerly winds with gusts up to 40 mph, the wind changed directions, blowing in from the northwest, and snow began to fall at six o'clock last night.

At 8 am Sunday morning, Bernie went out to get the Sunday paper.  Or should I say "went out to try to find the Sunday paper."
It is under all that snow, somewhere.
 Keep shoveling honey...I'll make you some coffee for when you find it.
Our darling up-the-street neighbor came  by, pushing his two little daughter in a stroller and walking their dog at the same time on his way to get bagels and coffee at the bagel shop a block away from us.
He told Bernie to wait on the shoveling; he would be getting his snow blower out after he came back with his breakfast treats.
(I'm going to do some baking later today.  Our neighbors will be getting a thank you treat from my kitchen for sure!)

The misty fog cuddling the base of the mountains is the perfect view to enjoy while coffee sipping.

Care to sip your coffee outside on the deck? The deck chairs look especially soft (if cold) this morning.

It is always so lovely out there, watching the birds, and listening to the fountain splashing in the background.

The bush on our property line is nearly buried now; the second of four snow storms is due later today.  There will be another much bigger storm in on Monday morning and then a huge storm due on Tuesday, with blizzard like winds and snow forecast. 
(Oh-oh.  We are to fly to San Diego that day...)

So how much snow DID we get in 14 hrs?
See for yourself!
Stay tuned for updates; the snow is already starting to fall again.
Oh it is so wonderful to be home to see happen!