Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jan. 3, 2007: Time to go and more airport cuties

Of course it is always hard to leave. Jeff and Meowsie waited while I did one more check around the house for items I might have missed.

Meowsie is finally able to look me in the eye. It took about three minutes of making various sounds before he would though.

Posted by Picasa These three little girls flew with us. Mom was Heather, one girl was Emma and another Victoria.

Love those girlie-girl names!

Each girl carried a dolly, and Mom usually was holding one too.

It was so cute. The girls would run up to their dad, and kiss his hand or hug his leg. He would always bend down and give them a kiss in return.

He was wearing a PINK University of Texas backpack embroidered with the name "Emma."
(UT school colors are decidedly ORANGE and white. How did he ever get a pink pack?)

I asked his if was always like this in his home.

He said yes.

Pretty cute, huh?

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