Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012- Park City

Summer vacation...or vacation at anytime should include time in a hot tub and pool, right?

Especially in the evening with a drink in hand and nothing to do but relax.

Vacation for me should include visiting interesting restaurants and trying new foods.
Mango Lobster Spring roll...oh yum!

Vacations should include lots of blue sky.

With interesting clouds to watch as they change shape.

A vacation should include some variation on routine travel modes.
Riding a chairlift up the mountain is one nice variation.

There should be butterflies...

And the more butterfly varieties the better.

The vacation should allow for enough time to feel free to wait for butterflies to land.

And enough time to keep taking pictures until you get the kind of butterfly picture you want.

To  get a nice clear picture for instance.

With pretty flowers in the background.

A relaxing vacation means having the time to go walking up paths in out of the way places.

And finding enormous mushrooms unexpectedly growning in the sunshine.

Relaxing is standing in a meadow and breathing in the fresh forest air.
(Or in this case, a ski slope that has become covered with grass...)

Soapy pine scents mix with the scent of wildflowers is a perfect aroma for relaxing.

I did mention vacations should include a different mode of transportation didn't I?
Apparently swallows are on vacation as well.
We laughed at how they would swoop out of the sky and land on the ski lift cables and ride along above us.

This happened several times as we rode along.
The birds also swooped beneath the chair seats and nestled in among the straps beneath the seats.
Our Park City timeshare...where this year we took a week to relax instead of traveling to someplace new.
This year has been a year of so much new in our lives, and sadly, not really much in the way of "nice" new, except for little Luke.
A vacation twenty minutes from home was just the perfect vaction for us this year.
The same place as where we have stayed numerous times the past three years.
And yet...
there was still plenty of new to see and go explore anyway.
To be continued....