Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Downs and the Ups

I had a really lousy day this past Friday; the kind of day that made me wonder if someone was sticking pins into a behatted Jill shaped doll.


1. I woke up at 3 am with burning ache all over my body.

2. Got up (still aching) at six am; Bernie informed me that our computer was nearly "full" and I needed to make space on it so he could run defrag. (It was so full, defrag wouldn't even run!)
He suggested I needed to delete a ton of pictures, which I then spent two hours doing. Results: I couldn't see that any additional space was gained! Grrrr....

3. Then B. called and said my pay check (the first one I would receive) had not hit the bank despite having automatic deposit. I started calling the powers that be at work; and either got a runaround or out of office reply. I wound up going to the campus and interrupting an "important" meeting in order to get some action on this problem.

Turns out I wasn't entered into the system, and "oh, by the way, they have no idea how much you make" back in the Florida headquarters where the check deposits are made. After some very nervy confrontations, I got promised a check on Monday morning. Double grrrrr.....I had to pitch a fit, and frankly feel that a certain VP owes me some flowers for making a lady have to do so in order to simply be paid.

4. While I was still pretty shook up over that confrontation, I headed out to Walmart where apparently it was Non English Speaking and No Memory Employee day. I did find one snarky employee who was helpful...the rest of them I needed to panomine what I needed, and then waited in line for 45 minutes while TWO other customers check out their small shopping cart filled goods. Everyone was a really good sport about how long it took the cashier to find a bar code, scan it, stare at it, rethink who she was and why she was there....and who were all these people in line?

5. Then I headed back to the apartment where the parking lot was being resurfaced. I sat in the car awhile trying to remember where I could or could not park. Made my decision and parked. Dragged the shopping bags to the elevator, and put stuff away. Went back to the car to make another run to the grocery store, only to find my car encircled with fresh asphalt, and a orange sticker on my window, and locks on my wheels.

6. Thankfully I arrived three minutes before the tow truck. As it was, I was informed I needed to pay $80 to get my wheels unlocked. If my car had been towed, it would have been the towing fee too. The fresh faced security cop said I could pay with either cash or credit card. I handed over my card, and took a seat on the curb. About 40 minutes later I walked up to the security cop car to ask how things were coming along. He informed me that was fraud activity on my credit card, and they were going to need to impound it.


7. I call Bernie, who calls Wells Fargo, who says the guy has miss entered the three digit security number multiple times (making him the "fraudulent activity") and to just give the guy my ATM card.

8. My car set free, I head out for the super market. B. mentioned that I had but $100 in my account earlier, and asked if I would like three hundred. Of course. He transferred the money, and off I went to try to find a supermarket downtown. I wanted to try different markets, so I started with "Smiths". Which turned out to be in the "other" part of town, you know, the part where you wonder if you should have perhaps carried a gun? And all the signage in is Spanish???

9. I shopped as fast as I could, grabbing fruits and veggies and cheeses and other perishables. At check out I discovered that I didn't have a "Smiths" card, which of course would save me money. Would I like one? Of course (just can't wait to stay here and fill out a form while there are lots of folks in line behind me...) Thankfully the woman behind me was in a hurry and whipped out her Smiths card, saying "here, use mine!" I could of kissed her...what an angel!

10. Headed back to the apartment where the asphalt will not allow me in the parking lot at all. B. agrees to meet me at the street curb to take the groceries, and then I can go look for on street parking. I find a place, finally, in a paid parking lot, $5 to park, and I wind up parking next to where B. has parked. Another $10 down the tubes.

11. B. informs me that I am overdrawn now. He thought I meant make the amount in my check book $300; I meant ADD $300 to the one hundred in there already. Oh sheesh.....

Well....enough about all that. The day was horrible, and the evening wasn't much of an improvement.

But like the Bible points out: "It came to pass."

Even cruddy days end, they pass, and there is a new day that dawns. In this case it was Saturday; Bernie and Jeff headed out to play a charity golf game to raise money to rebuild New Orleans, and I walked around the corner and across the street to this:

Oh shoot....I need a friend to walk with me through is just too gorgeous to do alone.
I called my BGF Gail,who I knew would be awake over in Colorado Springs, and filled her in on all my former grief, and my present state of joy.
She was making crab apple jelly, and I walked and told her what I was seeing and let her hear what I was hearing, and PROMISED I would post the pictures of all of it for her to see on Monday.
Hey they are!
And all my blogging buddies are going to get to see this event too!
Remember when I counted something like twenty six kinds of tomatoes?
This was some of them.

And the different kinds of sun flowers?


And another kind, and more later....

The colors...I love all the colors!

Tomatoes grown in Wyoming! Wyomatoes! How fun!

Another bit of a chuckle: Tomatoes with woody blemishes can be reclassified as having "issues".

A lovely supplier of flowers to plant in the late summer garden.

Tempting tarts....

Soaps that look like candy...

I wonder when it gets colder and the air gets drier still, will I want to switch to this kind of soap?

There were lots and lots of people under the trees just beginning to turn autumnal shades. The air was warm, and a few brief showers teasingly spritzed the event for fun.

The dried flowers pressed between double panes inset in old window frames: A perfect garden forever.

Children were entertained by balloon artist; this princess was enjoying conversation with her court jester.

Gail, remember the guy playing the great guitar music? This is what he looked like.

Oh so much food to sample. Cheeses, each with a tantalizing blend of herbs, hand crafted locally.

Imagine melting some of those cheeses on a slice of one of these beautiful artisan breads.
Oh yum! What a grilled cheese sandwich that would make!

Three kinds of figs...and samples of each. (I came back later and got a mixed box...oh so tasty.)
I was amazed to listen to a person ask the vendor how you eat a fig! And if they are good! How silly, since she had some sliced to sample.

HUGE coxcombs bouquets.
Wouldn't that be fun to have on your desk in your office at work?
It would brighten up the room so much.
What a glorious mixed bouquet!

And are these sunflowers in an eclipse?
It seemed every vendor had tomatoes and peaches. Lots and lots of peaches. And they were selling fresh peach pies with whipping cream too.

These were called Sea something or other. I should have taken a picture of their sign, but I was too interested in the dusky color and spiky blooms.

Squashes of all kinds. Made me want to make soup.

The sky was dappled just right with clouds.

Patty pan squash and how do those half green and half yellow squash know how to grow like that?

And WHY OH WHY did I spend all that time at Smith's supermarket buying vegetables and fruit yesterday???

Peter Piper picked a peck of purple peppers, how many purple peppers did Peter Piper pick?

Another lovely assortment of heirloom tomatoes. They just taste 100% than the tomatoes I buy in the super market. Oh shoot...wish I hadn't bought some yesterday!

A flower blooming from what appeared to be a garlic bulb sitting on a table.
How garlic bulbs always just dry up and crumble into a papery pile.
The grapes had so many shades of color all on one cluster.

Raspberry peach jam: I hadn't run across that combination before!
I loved these bumpy warty pumpkins.
So much personality, so much more fun to look at in terms of design.

It seemed there were musicans everywhere playing beautiful music.

The dogs had their own park area to romp in.

And I took my first picture of my new home state flag: Utah's blue flag against the blue sky seems so understated compared to the bold red white and blue Texas flag.
This will take some getting used to!

A lively assortment of bells on stands; children regularly were trying them out, and the peals were charming. I think I would like such a bell in my garden one day

I like glass art; I love the idea of glass art as door pulls!

A dollar a bead...this could get addictive. I'd make necklaces and hat pins with them for sure.

Funny bird houses and bird feeders. I'd like one of those too in the garden.

Handknitted cotton baby socks. Wish they came in my size...

Sock monkeys as art. Almost as good as a sock monkey prom dress...

Yes, someday I do want to get a henna tattoo on the palm of my hand. Just because, so I can say I did.

A number of well mannered dogs attended the market as well. I like how this one's collar matched his owners shopping bag. (I didn't think to bring a big bag along; next week I will for sure!)

I've seen these around town tucked into rioting summer gardens; I imagine they will look pretty good in snow too.

I tried not to look to closely at the jewelry...what with not having a paycheck, and a big fat parking ticket the day before. Grrrr....
I love this piece though.

Another chuckle: A "Jack" Mormon is a Mormon who doesn't follow the rules. They drink coffee, and beer, and probably smoke as well. Quite a clever name don't you think?

A couple from Sudan in native garb were busy cooking up meals. I liked her head wrap. The African women always look so regal with their colorful head wraps.

Hand forged chain maile jewelry. I was impressed with his work.

Gail remember I said the skirts were so colorful, but I was too old to wear them? If I could, I'd be wearing the orange one with a white tee shirt. Maybe next year I won't be too old any more!
Ya know what I mean????

Remember the yucca sculpture we talked about? This was it. Wouldn't it look cool next to a swimming pool, or in the snow?

Tomato Pesto spread, with recipe, by the students of the Culinary school. (Oh to be THEIR librarian! I know they have several actually. Lunch breaks must be amazing. How ever would such a librarian ever keep from gaining weight???)

Two small children in a duo stroller, entertained by their live yellow zinnia wands.
Is that a great toy or what?

Now here's a serious shopper.

A variety of hats were seen. I wonder why the Mennonite lady wasn't at a Mennonite fundraising event buying yo yo quilts? Probably she would have gone, but she decided she would work on shopping for next week's recipes to post on "Mennonite Girls Cook Constantly."

Golly, TWO Mennonites got loose from the stove for the day! They seemed really nice, and so pretty in their little proper caps, unlike some loosy-goosy Meno-mennos that I've met that aren't wearing the cap anymore.
Tsk tsk.
Sad, isn't it?

After getting a waffle with fresh peaches, goat cheese, tomatoes, peaches, garlic (two kinds! With purple stripes!) and a basket of raspberries, I walked back to our apartment. I went past the Greek Orthodox chuch (the second one in the city...) as it chimed out the hour and a hymn.

I do love those church bells!

Down the red rose lined walk way...

And by the rock fountain that burbles over the dry rocks in a most soothing melody.

Past the small flower garden by the front door...I punch in my pass code and go inside to ride the elevator to our apartment.

Oh and I got figs too...
I so enjoyed the Farmer's Market, and am amazed at the variety of fruits and vegetables offered. It seems so cool to know that during the summer months on can always see the same "farmers" each week, and get to talk with them about the array of unique produce that they are producing, and get to know them a bit too.

Yes, the only thing better would to be going to the market with a friend. Thanks for going with me as far as you could Gail. Pinky swear, we WILL shop this together one day. And any of my bloggy buds: I'd love to go there with you too.

Back in the apartment the cats were glad to see me, but I didn't stay there long.
I had another errand to run.
I'll tell you all about about that tomorrow!