Thursday, January 04, 2007

Dec. 20th: Girl's Day Out-Coronado Library and Tea

Bernie headed out for golf, and us girls headed out for girl time.

To get from San Diego to Coronado Island, you go over a bridge.

You can look back to downtown San Diego from the bridge.

Most people know about Coronado because of the Hotel Del Coronado. The Marilyn Monroe movie "Some Like It Hot" was filmed there on the island.

I was interested in see the new Coronado Library and its installation of Wizard of Oz glass art in their children's library.

The above picture is not a main entrance. Sure looks like it should be, huh?

This is the main entrance.

I suppose everyone who isn't a librarian is asleep by now.

Hang in there, it gets better....
Posted by Picasa Art over the Circulation desk, retrofitted from a WPA mural.
Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz lived on the Coronado Island for a few months, not while he wrote Wizard however.

No reason not to commemorate his literary achievement anyway.

These are glass panels with the designs stained upon/inside the glass.
BIG glass panels!

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Elsewhere in the library they have other displays, like this one of Beatrix Potter mini books and bone china figurines.

I had to laugh, as my Children's literature professor has an entire Beatrix Potter room in her home, and took a tour of England to each spot where Beatrix presumably painted her scenes in her little stories.

The same prof also took a tour of every town Laura Engels Wilder of Little House on the Prairie fame lived.

But wait! That's not all! She also had an entire room dedicated to dolls!

She also collected all stuff animals that were originally book characters.

Librarians...what a whacky group we are.

Being Christmas and all, why not have gingerbread houses displayed in the library?

Better...gingerbread houses of places in Coronado.

Best: Gingerbread Aquatic Center, with plump gingerbread water aerobic ladies in sunglasses doing their morning work out!

On a more serious note, the library also owns a Donal Hord sculpture.

Hord was responsible for a great deal of exceptional art, ranging from LA County Court House facade art, to San Diego State University's Montezuma sculpture.

Hord lived next door to my dad when my dad was a kid.
He paid my dad to sweep out his studio, a great kindness during the Great Depression.

I met him once myself.

His studio was impressive, and his artwork still thrills me.

Posted by Picasa One of the library's galleries.

Lovely library.

And I'm not even posting all the great stuff in the children's library.

Let's just say it's a Magical place, and Dorothy and the Gang should be proud to provide an entrance to such a Magical place.

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