Thursday, January 04, 2007

Alta: The skiers, me, and let's go eat Tapas!

Bernie is happy.
Jeff is happy.
My men.
Posted by Picasa Love being with my son!

Afterwards the boys cleaned up and we headed out to a Spanish restaurant for tapas.

I was so impressed. The owners were charming, the food beautifully prepared, the noise level low, and the decore was elegant and fascinating.

Notice the painting of the lady in a hat? There were several paintings of women in hats.

If I ever move to SLC, and if I can form a hat club there, guess where we'll be going for our first event?

(It would have been better to have shot a picture without catching the folks at the next table.)

Oh well.
Loved the plates.
Posted by Picasa I'm a sucker for presentation. The food tasted great too!

I used great restraint and did not photography our Greek, Mexican (KILLER mole enchiladas!), Chinese, Pizza, American Bistro, Pancake House (Pumpkin Pancakes-YUM!), Cafe Rio (More Mexican-don't miss if you go to SLC!) meals.

Hopefully Jeff will post the actual names of all the restaurants we ate at.

ALL are worth a visit. Even if it means a slight weight gain.
Totally worth it.

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