Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Fast Visit


Family visits are always much too short.
My folks manage to make a short visit go crazy short.
Two and a half days...not long enough!
They left San Diego on a Thursday to drive up to Salt Lake City with my Dad's Honda Trail bike. At age 89 1/2 Dad has decided he was too old for it anymore.
Dad routinely rode the Honda bike around La Jolla until just a few months ago. Parking is awful in LJ; a little trail bike make running village errands a far less taxing adventure, at least in terms of finding a parking space.
Jeff said he would buy the honda from them; Dad said he would throw it on the back of his van and he and Mom would drive it up once to SLC once spring arrived.
It was a beautiful weekend for a visit.
They arrived on a Friday afternoon; and left to drive home again on the following Monday morning.
They may be retired, but they have a very busy life.
Dad nearly drove non-stop all the way home!

A stroll around the Temple Square Garden was in order during the brief visit.
As was a few photo ops.

The great grand baby got his share of photo op attention too.

A seat in the sunshine, and then it was out for Chinese food for dinner that evening.

The bedtime routine was switched up just a bit:  "Good Night Moon" was read by Great Grandmother that night.
My Mom has spent years volunteering in school with reading programs for second graders.
I doubt Luke will ever have difficulties learning to read; he has been studiously flipping pages in board books since he was four months old, and will turn the book right side up if it is handed to him upside down.
He comes from a long line of readers.
I was glad he got to be read to by his great grandmother once again and hope they will share story times again soon, either here in Salt Lake, or there in San Diego.
Either way...it will be a really special time.
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