Thursday, January 04, 2007

December 21st: American Legion Christmas Dinner

Dad is Commander of the La Jolla Chapter of the American Legion, so Mom and I helped decorate the room for the Legion's Christmas dinner at the Sea Lodge.

A room full of WWII vets, and a smattering of Viet Nam, Korea and Gulf War vets too.

A barber shop quartet entertained us.
I decided to wear my "Russian Army" style "Jill" hat with a new sparkly gold and silver sweater.

(Um...that actually would be Scottish army, but never mind. I got complimented on it, naturally!)

It was the coldest it ever got in La Jolla. Brrr...the hat felt good!
Posted by Picasa Mom looked beautiful too.

Laura was with us as well. But her only picture was a close-up I took of her rarely seen cleavage.

Us cleavage challenged types take note when we wear something that makes us appear to have cleavage! Whoo hoo!

She looked great, if a tad cold.

I think she would get a tad "hot" if I published that picture here.

Or maybe not.

We'll see how it goes.....

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Anonymous said...

I have spoke with my cleavage and it was decided that it would be favorable to being posted. Then it went away and back to being flat. ~Laura