Thursday, January 04, 2007

December 26th con't: Visiting Laura in a place you hope you'll never need.

Daughter LauraRN had to work Christmas and the day after, two twelve hour shifts.

She works in a bone marrow transplant unit.

It is a beautiful hospital, part of The University of California San Diego, and her unit and staff is fabulous.

We got to meet her co-workers and I felt SO guilty (as I should) that we didn't get up to see her on Christmas.

A serious case of brain fade on all our parts.

You can read about her Christmas day at her blog. Then you can be VERY VERY glad that regardless of what kind of Christmas day you had, you had an EXCELLENT day compared to anyone who was dealing with such serious medical issues.

Of course those patients were VERY VERY fortunate to have Laura there with them on Christmas.
Here's a little quirk: The small building in the distance, almost center in the picture is the Scripps hospital where Laura was born.

It can be seen from the front of Thornton hospital, which didn't exist when she was born.

Probably most of the medical technology she uses didn't exist either when she was born 28 years ago.
Posted by Picasa Hard to say good bye to her.
We'll see each other again in February in Minnesota, so that helps a little.

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