Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back home, and a travelog, pt. 1

Nine days of travel fun...loads of pictures!
I've decided to do catch up posts by location, and be brief.
Saturday Sept 26 I flew to Denver, and friend Gail picked me up at the airport, and drove me to her home in Colorado Springs.
Gail has accomplished a bit of a trifecta, she's lost several dress sizes, gotten a high profile job as admin to the Ex. VP of Focus on the Family, working her way up from the bottom up over the years, AND achieved empty nest!
We hung out together, went to church, saw her daughter Elizabeth's newly aquired townhouse, and hiked the Garden of the God (the red rock area in the last two pictures).
Daughter Laura flew in from San Diego and joined us Sunday night.

Colorado Springs is so pretty, flowers in bloom in late August!

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