Friday, September 01, 2006

Reaction: Whew!

I'm writing this at 2:10 am, the first of September and I am SO relieved. At 10 pm blogger was totally not available at all, so I crossed my fingers and went to bed hoping that Googleplexers/BloggerBeta staffers were doing some major work on Blogger.

I couldn't sleep-my knees were hurting (I had vacuumed today, let's blame it on that....) so I got up to check the blog and IT WORKS!!!!!!

So as quickly as I could manage I copied ALL my posts into word documents, which I will later back up on disk, and printed out a hard copy. That was kind of fun as the blog looks very different on a white background and center justified. It makes each page look poetic/artistic.

Whew. Wow. Thank you God.

Hey, didn't this happen during the one year anniversary of the Katrina Hurricane?

Hmmm, maybe that is it. Since I've returned from vacation I have had problems with Blogger, my cell phone battery, and my new garbage disposal.

The reason I link all that to Katrina is that those of us who lived through Katrina/Rita/Tropical Storm Allison/Northern California earthquake/Southern California wild fire/9/11 now constantly play a mind game that goes like this:

What would happen if you had to evacuate?(Chemical, biological, storm trama)

What would happen if you couldn't get out? (Flood, other areas destroyed)

When we planned possible evacuation with Hurricane Rita I discovered all my photo albums were simply too heavy to throw into the car. Hence a digital camera now, and I am happy to spend $20 on a memory stick that will hold 300 pictures in the third of the space of one of my credit cards. Heck, I'd pay that in film and development, so I just keep buying memory sticks that I can take with me if I have to escape.

So I'm thinking "what else can I do to protect my blog?" Hard copy, electronic copy, back up space on another blog engine......if anyone reading this has some brilliant other ideas, let me know.


Happy, Paranoid, and Tired.

Good night, er, um...morning????


PS: I discovered the time stamp on my blog is West Coast time! Not quite September out there yet!

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