Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Introducing the other sibling cat Annie

My folk's have had a cat named Annie for several years.

Annie lives under the mattress pad in my parent's bedroom. She growls whenever I walk in. You know the growl, the one that starts as a low rumble, then twists up to a higher pitch, then explodes in a cascade of kitty cusses.

She hisses if I touch her. That is, if I touch the banket that is over the lump that is her under all the blankets and mattress pad.

Annie hates me and my entire family.

The above picture is how we see her the rest of the time. Under the bed.

Another view of Annie, under the bed.
And a picture of Annie running away from us.

That's just Annie.

Sheesh. What a waste. Posted by Picasa

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