Saturday, August 19, 2006

Colorado and friends

So...I'm in Colorado, visiting my friend Gail, my friend from San Diego days, my dear friend for the past 27 years. Time flies, and we try to see each other when we can, call, write and generally keep ties to each other. It is so wonderful to have mountains and cool weather, Houston is baking!
Daughter Laura flies in tomorrow, and we'll keep at Gail's in Colorado Springs until Monday, then off to Denver to explore Denver onocology units, and staying with another friend, Jeane, a friend from when we lived in Dallas for two years.
Funny how I have friends scattered everywhere!
Then....on Wednesday Laura and I will head to San Diego, Bernie will join us, and we'll all celebrate my parent's 60th- SIXTY- year anniversary.

So that's where I'm hanging my hat right now. Colorado.

More later.....

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