Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 30th

I'm going to try to keep the faith with Google and Blogger. Even though Blogger recklessly seduced me into trying its beta version by appealing to my librarianish weaknesses for cataloging. Beta Blogger promised I could post by category, and I dreamed of having a section on the blog for millinery, cats, gardens, travel, reaction, and stories. Imagined having people looking for hat pictures thrilled to avoid Tiggie shots, and cat fans delighting in avoiding my latest rant.

Beta Blogger also promised, PROMISED! that my blog pages would be safe. Absolutely safe.

Instead, now I can not upload a picture, can not access my blog except by an individual page URL, can not edit my posts, can not access old posts, and somehow even Google cache for my site is gone. I have no idea what Beta Blogger did with my pages. All I know is that Beta Blogger has seduced lots of us trusting types. I know because I read of the anguish in Blogger help sites.

I simply can not believe that even the cache is gone. Cache, the feature that records a picture of everything on the internet as a snapshot for posterity. When I think of how many people out there pray that cache would somehow fail to work, fearing future employees, dates, and parents will somehow see what was on a site frivolously posted in a daft moment, and here my little innocent blog gets wiped out of the internet universe. Well, it is just not right.

I'm going to be taking a good look at the sky tonight. There must be a reason for this. This, and the fact that my email inbox miraculously emptied itself of all except maybe 10 of my letters.
How is that possible?

And why is my cell phone refusing to show that it is charged up, so I had to run to buy a new battery, and when the guy went to check my phone, it lit up like a sweet potato princess getting a new tiara.

It just ain't right.

Of course I am just back from vacation. Every time I think about going on vacation I wince, because nothing is ever exactly the same when I get back from a vacation. Plants shoot up, or die. Job setting change, people move on or schedules are re-done.

Old and set in my ways am I. Yesterday I was young and willing to take a risk, jump into something new, and throw caution to the wind. Today I just want my blog and email and cell phone back to how they were before.

And I also want to be the same weigh I was before I went on vacation.

Googleplexer, you out there on the left coast: Help. Stop Beta Blogger from ruining your family reputation. Make them make it all right again. I trust you. Make them stop.

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