Friday, September 01, 2006

Awww....a baby anole....I love baby lizards!

Abraham and Sarah must have had another "moment" (that's what we call the big anole males and females when we see them...they just look old as adults.)

Behold, a baby anole.

This little guy is about one and a half inches long, including his tail! I was watering the gardenia bush and he hopped, flew really, over to the potted boulgainvillea to escape.

I treasure our anoles. The males are especially fun because they do push ups, and then inflate their throat areas like a huge bubble gum bubble, a SALMON PEACH colored bubble. How's that for cool? Lime and salmon peach.
Of course they change colors too. They run up and down the tree bark in brown, then spring over to the ferns and leaves, changing into the most amazing chartreuse.

I guess I'll call this little guy Isaac. Afterall, he did make me laugh. Posted by Picasa

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