Sunday, April 15, 2007

Partied hardy

We had a great time, and I have lots of pictures to share later.

As usual, the cats went waaaayy overboard.

Librarian Jill at 53.
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Lovella ♥ said...

Perhaps Lady Jill the lovely 53 year old Librarian should recheck her research books on Cat diet. Last time I checked Cats are supposed to drink water.

How is it that you have such gorgeous thick hair?

Is that an empty bag of Jelly Beans laying there? Party favours . . .yum yum.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't feel so bad about overdoing it on the Chinese food...I am glad you had a wonderful birthday..each year yu just get better

Becky said...

The cats are adorable! What character even when they sleep! You know, "they" (unfortunately, no known reference material available on who exactly 'they' are) say that pets take after their owners. Hmm... Me thinks you have taught those cats a thing or two about character.

Lovely lady, Jill, thankyou for posing with the glasses! You look wonderful! I am off to shop for spectacles on Friday. Its time. Can't decide on the colour. I like the statement yours make - strong, yet approachable.