Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 15th 2007: Jill and Laura go Bluebonneting

There are all kinds of flowers in bloom now, and last Sunday after church Laura and I headed west of Houston with our two digital cameras, planning on enacting our own photo shoot.

After watching multiple episodes of America's Top Model, we were shamelessly hamming it up taking pictures of each other between capturing the flowers and the scenery.
Just for the record: We aren't usually this narcissistic.

Bernie sadly couldn't join us, he had to fly off to Florida for a conference so he isn't in any of the pictures.
We talked with him on and off during the day and at least he got to see the pictures later.

We were lucky enough to have another family decided to take pictures in this particular posy patch, and we took a group picture of them, and they returned the favor nicely.

I'm wearing the new pants Mom got me for my birthday.
Thanks Mom! I love them!

Me in the background celebrating!

Yes, Laura's eye's are naturally that shade of blue.

To see more of our frolics in the flowers, click here.
It was a spectacular day!
If you like bluebonnet adventures, head over to the sidebar where there is a link to all the blue bonnet pictures from here.
Remember: End of March through late April is Blue Bonnet season in Texas.
Somehow, some day, be sure to come to Texas and see the display yourself...you won't regret it!


Julie said...

Beautiful photos, Jill.
I love the one of you and Laura in the yellow field. That is a keeper!
And the blue Texas sky is so lovely!
I love days I can spend with my daughter.

Becky said...

Absolutely gorgeous! You picture such warmth, joy and freedom! You must frame the one of mother/daughter! Its a keeper! Enjoy the remaining blooms and blue sky! (I am feeling pangs of summer envy here!)

Marie Christopher said...

Laura has bluebonnet eyes! Lovely pictures of you frolicing in the fields.

Anonymous said...

very nice-Mom

Lovella ♥ said...

Jill . .you and Laura look so nice. It must be so nice to have a daughter to frolic in the meadows with. :)