Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Millinery: Vintage 1940's navy blue hat with glass berries

Yes, Laura's eyes really are THAT blue!
I just do not understand why more people don't wear hats.
Cute, unusual small hats.
Like the one pictured.
It is from the 1940's.
Doesn't it just make the outfit?
It is "one size fits all" because it sit on top of the head, and is held in place with a small elastic cord that goes around the back of the head.
Lots of people think that piece of elastic goes under the chin.
They even call it a "chin strap" on Ebay sometimes.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Only small children need to hold on to their hats by using an strap under the chin.
Wearing it that way feels awful anyway.
If you look closely at the first picture you will see the elastic on the side of Laura's head.
Usually you make sure the elastic matches your hair color, and tuck it into the hair.
The strap allows the hat to tip or tilt forward without falling off.
Hats created in this style do not mess up your hair!
(But they do "mess" with the boys a bit...oh the compliments just come flying in!)


Becky said...

I am not sure which I actually like better, the historical hat, or the fabulous flaming hair. I am awfully partial to the unusual colours that redheads enjoy. Laura then has the most amazing eyes! What a stunning combination! I must admit, the hat does look smashing on her. How do you get ahold of such vintage items?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Hi Becky! Vintage hats are out there in antique shops, tag sales, Ebay, older relatives, thrift shops and vintage clothing web pages. I got that hat for probably around $15. I like the 1940's style hats and they seem to be quite available and usually in great shape.
Laura has natural red hair, and I really love looking at the color.

Lovella ♥ said...

Your Laura has stunning hair and eyes to boot. I keep wondering how you girls lucked out with such thick hair. Oh but we are talking about hats.
I do like that hat. I think I could do that one. I'm getting hooked. On Ebay you say. Hmm.
I shall have to check out the 50's styles to go with Miss Ella.

Kate said...

Gorgeous gal and gorgeous hat too! Out of the way thrift stores are usually the best place to find vintage gems. Sometimes a small repair is needed but usually just a dusting off. A nice hint: Use a Sharpie to color the hat elastic to match your hair. If the elastic is shot (stretched out) you can buy elastic cord in any notions dept. Kate Q:-)

Marie Christopher said...

Love the hat! Cute!