Saturday, April 21, 2007

Starring: Star Jasmine!

I SO regret the Internet does not allow fragrance or "Scratch and Sniff" posting options.
Our Star Jasmine is blooming profusely both in the front and back yard. We slept with our windows open just to catch the fragrance, and then, silly us, we neglected to take our morning coffee outside to enjoy the fragrance in the early morning sunlight.
Tomorrow we'll remember.
The jasmine isn't as fragrant as the night blooming version, but I like how glossy the leaves are year around.
It is growing on a wire pyramid trellis, and the plant in front keeps making a break for it, reaching up into the surrounding trees and racing towards the sky.
It is pretty funny to see a huge tree suddenly sprouting white flowers all over it's limbs.
In the woods, the honeysuckle vines are doing fabulous stuff with cream to yellow to orange colored blossoms.
I can smell honeysuckle from quite a distance and it always brings back memories of going to church as a small child, where honeysuckle bloomed next to the church steps.
I would busily pull off a few blossoms after church and enjoy the sweet nectar.
Stay tuned, I'll try to get a picture of the honeysuckle bower in the forest where we take our usual walk!

Oh do I ever wish you could be here to enjoy the fragrance!
Tell me; what is blooming with a sweet scent in your garden today?
Do you have memories associated with the scent?


Lovella ♥ said...

How amazingly beautiful. I was jut watching a local garden show this morning and they were talking about the more delicate plants like Jasmine and honeysuckle that didn't survive the winter here.
We can buy those but they are best to take in over winter and what fun is that if they can't grow up to the sky with abandon.
You would think those google people would come up with a scratch and sniff box. It's only a matter of time.

Marie Christopher said...

Two of my favorite fragrances, honeysuckle and jasmine!