Saturday, April 14, 2007

This day in History: April 14

Noah Webster published his first dictionary.
(Thank heaven for spell check!)

President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth
And the Titanic hit an iceberg.

But it wasn't always such a bad day.

Lorretta Lynn was born.
Julie Christie was born.
And in 1954 I was born.

Above: Me on my first birthday 52 years ago

And to help me celebrate, this little girl, daughter Laura, (pictured on her first birthday) came out to Texas for a visit.
She's 28 now...
We'll see about getting some more recent pictures of us later today after we go around having some fun.


Julie said...

Jill, I can't believe you would post a picture of yourself without a hat....and on your birthday yet!!! smile
If that truly is a picture of you and your daughter how in the world do you know which is which????
Wow, do you still look exactly the same?
just for good measure I'll wish you Happy Birthday!- again!!

Dawn said...

Happy B-day, Jill! You and your daughter look remarkably similar!!!
Hope you are enjoying a very special day...

Lovella ♥ said...

Happy Birthday Jill, I'm back and I haven't yet taken off my jacket but I wanted you to know that I remembered what a special day this is. Your mom must have some wonderful thoughts about this special day. Blessings on you and have a wonderful day with your Laura.

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Jill! Am back in the USA (Virginia) where the weather is worse than Switzerland. Cold and rainy.

Hope you and Laura are having a splendid celebration!

See you soon,
Kate Q:-)

Anonymous said...

Oops, Jill, I'm a day late, but I still want to wish you a very happy birthday!!

Marie Christopher said...

Happy Belated Birthday! As usual, I am trailing the pack.

Becky said...

Jill, Happy belated birthday! April 14 did not find me anywhere near a computer so I had no idea that it was a special day. In fact, I slept alone in my vehicle in a parkade in Nanaimo while my son was in a 4 star hotel. Its a rather short, and uneventful sleep/story, but I knew there were people partying somewhere! Hotel parkades tell you a lot about people! I hope that this week, year and life continues to bring you contentment, adventures and closer to God's presence! You have been a joy to know, here in blogland, and I look forward to more years a head!