Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tiggie, the Orange Cat

Introducing the felines of Jill's World.

Tiggie was a replacement cat. I had always wanted an orange cat, and we got one named Melville Dewey (librarian cat) but he disappeared one day. I was told that he was probably "et by a gator". Because of that comment, I look cautiously down all street drains, in case a gator is lurking, waiting to "et" me too.

Mostly I wanted an orange cat because they look so great with the sun shining on them.

Tiggie has curly fur, so he usually looks raggity. He was a Petsmart adoptee, one of 20 cats owned, and named by one man. Tiggie is a a "cat's cat", and love Bernie to the point of worship, and mourns pitifully when B. goes out the door. Posted by Picasa

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