Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4th: Researching 12th Imam

Yesterday, Saturday, I had a lovely day with a Hat Friend. We tried on hats, and bought ribbon to make a hat. Afterwards B. and I headed for Mexican food. Yum. At the restaurant door there was a free magazine. I snagged it, as the cover looked interesting.

I didn't get to read it until Sunday afternoon. B. and I had ridden our bikes over to the community pool, and were lolligagging around, counting ourselves hugely blessed to have such luxury available, and the luxury of time in which to enjoy it.

After a lazy lap or two in the pool I returned to a shady lounger, and started to read the magazine. It really doesn't matter what magazine I was reading...the part that mattered was that I read an explanation of the significance of the 12th Imam.

Oh wow, and whoopsie daisy. To say the least. Now, after a little more research, I get why Iran' nuclear program is such a bugger, and making the news.

The "Summation-In-a-Minute" is:

The President of Iran believes the Muslim Messiah (AKA the 12th Imam) is returning to the world in the next 2-4 years, from a well (really!) in one of the Mosques in Iran, and that it is the Iranian President's duty/destiny to prepare the world for this. President went from a 1% recognition to winning his election, and has poured tons of money into fixing up the Mosque with the well.

But...the big gut grabber is that for #12 to come back and make paradise for all nice Muslim folk, Israel must be gone. In Iran's point of view, USA is the Great Satan that provides the $ that makes Israel's existence possible, so first the USA needs to get knocked out, and then, without USA protection, Israel/Jerusalem can be wiped clean of Jewish folks.

Mr. Iran President is "full speed ahead". Christians speak of the "end times" but they don't have a game plan to MAKE the times come ASAP. This 12th Imam guy will only show up IF the world is knocked into shape. So Mr. Iran President is, in his mind, divinely appointed to do any and everything necessary to set the stage. And has no reason to worry that there *might* be consequences. After all, paradise awaits. Let's get this show on the road!

And Mr. President is not shy about the fact that a nuclear devise would make that all possible, really quick.
And it really, really doesn't matter if the bomb messes up stuff, because all that matters is the #12 gets here, and thereby ushers in paradise.


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