Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter bread; Bernie, Me and our Church on Cold Easter Morn

Isn't this cute?
It's called a "Honey Bunny" and it's made with honey wheat bread dough.

Not by me...I've done lots of Easter breads in the past including individual bunnies, Hot Crossed Buns, and Braided Easter Bread with Eggs tucked into the braid (I made a lot of those one year and delivered them on Saturday night to friends with small children, with a note that Easter breakfast was DONE!)

The "Honey Bunny" was made by our fabulous Great Harvest Bakery.
I used to make bread a lot more often before GHB came to town.
Their Challah bread is almost as good as mine!
Great Harvest Bakery is a chain, but each store seems to have their own specialties.

I also got the White Chocolate Cherry bread there to enjoy. They only make it for holidays.
Our loaf only lasted two days!

Yesterday there were snow flurries north of us, and the weather reported that the temperatures dropped into the thirties last night.
Canada apparently sent winter our way, and snuck a bit of early summer in up there in trade.

(It works for me. I'd rather be cool than very hot on Easter. I've done my share of Easter melting with heat!)

On Easter morning it was still quite chilly and in the forties.

I was glad I had a warm pink dress to wear, abandoning my plan to wear my new chiffon dress that would just not be quite warm enough.
At church we attended the Contemporary Worship Service first.
It was the usual young people in jeans, drums and guitars, and free wheeling lively worship. (By Presbyterian standards at least.)
After service there was coffee and all manners of pastries to enjoy while everyone mingled.

We visited with our Assistant Pastor, who told me he was so glad to see someone in PINK and a HAT; that at the sunrise service everyone was wearing dark colors and only two women wore something colorful.

(I like Fred. He's a good Assistant pastor!)

Then we stayed for the Traditional Service, where there were two other women in hats, and two little girls in hats, and one little girl in bunny ears.
(Oh dear.)
Oh well....

It was lovely to sing the traditional Easter hymns, and to be a bit crowded in the pew.
It was good to see entire families worshipping together.

Our Sr. Pastor Bob Covington preached on "Behold the Man."
Bob will be retiring next year, much to our dismay.
It is always a privilege to hear him speak.
He has had such deep experiences after years of life as a Military Chaplin, including serving on the front in Viet Nam.
He's a man's man, yet he has such soft spirit, so typical of the men raised in Tennessee.
I'll always treasure that I was there to hear Dr. Covington's final Easter Message.

Bernie looked handsome as always.
I thought his Mama and Daddy might like to see him on the blog for a change.

And yes, I DID wear white gloves to church!
And yes, I WAS the only one wearing gloves.
They felt wonderful.
I can't imagine why they fell out of fashion.

It truly was a Blessed Easter.

I know I am blessed.

I know HE has RISEN!


Marie Christopher said...

You two look fabulous! Fashion plates to set an example for others. Sad to see most people going so casual, especially at church.

A Lady said...

Mom~Crystal and I both wore dresses to church! You would have been very impressed with the 8 people who wore hats to service that I saw. Great easter dresses too! Love ya!

Becky said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! I would love to have the nerve to dress like a lady someday! I am too entrenched in dressing casually. Lovella would love to do a make over on me, I know! I see it in her eyes somedays! I can say this safely while she is still away!:) You look perfectly at home in the suit and hat, in the garden. A very classy lady! (good to see that these hats are practical, and beautiful!)

Becky said...

Just one more thought ~ how come Bernie doesn't wear a hat?

Danna said...

Wow! You look beautiful in hats. We attend a traditional/conservative church (whichever way you look at it) so I must admit that I find it difficult to go to a church that doesn't dress up...after're going to visit the King! BTW, the Honey Bunny looks really cute and yummy!

Becky said...

Oh, and do I see a phone being clutched in the palm of Bernie's hand?

I should also mention, that it is wonderful to sit and listen to well spoken pastors who have knowledge, experience and compassion. A true blessing! May God continue to use your pastor long after he resigns from the pulpit.

And may God continue to raise up pastors who are not career oriented.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I wish Bernie would wear a hat to church. He does wear a nice straw wide brim gambler style hat on the golf course though. If you go way back in the archieves you'll see a post called haberdashery. It has a really cute picture of Mr. B in his hat. It is his mom's favorite picture of him!

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Bernie in his hat:

Julie said...

Hi Jill, I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award.
check my post for details.(monday)

Kate said...

Nerve? A simple dress or pair of slacks with a nice blouse and a quiet little hat is a great way to start. More color and fancy trims will come as you find that you get more smiles and compliments then the others. GO for it, I say - but them I'm old fashioned (and old). Life is too short not to celebrate with pretty clothes and hats.

And another thing - it's respectful.
K Q:-)

Kate said...

P.S. Meant to say that you look fabulous in your pink! Tell Bernie Sherman has bought two Italian hats at our haberdasher here in St. Gallen - one a Guerra and one a Borsalino and he's looking for a third. We'll take you and Bernie when you get here. They sell ladies' hats too.
K Q:-)

Vicki said...

Jill, I love your hat and suit! You look fabulous! I agree with you - I loved wearing those white gloves when I was younger...I wish we would go back to them again. Wearing them - and a hat - would make anyone want to dress up!