Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter eggs

For several years my mom took ceramic classes, and created all sorts of wonderful decoration and serving pieces for our homes.
One year she made ceramic eggs, painted them pastel colors and used decals to add designs for "permanent" Easter Eggs.
I added gold highlights.
The middle egg was from Mexico, and the orange bunny egg was made by Jeff as a four year old.
I suspect he had help, but I still think it is funny to see the black eggs in the bunny cart. None of that sissy pastel stuff for all boy Jeff!

Each year I enjoy putting out the eggs and reliving the afternoon Mom and I worked on making the eggs.

It's a nice memory. And each year I seem to find a different way of displaying the eggs.

I think that is just part of the fun.

The butterfly as a symbol of resurrection.
I never will!


Becky said...

Those are wonderful keepsakes that are also beautiful! I have never encountered homemade ceramic eggs before. These days, I am trying to celebrate Easter with as much effort as Christmas. My main priority is to try to leave the Easter bunny in the field and Jesus in our home, but it is hard to find decorations to exemplify that (and aren't too gruesome). I love the symbolism with the eggs. They will be worth passing on someday.

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Becky; I pondered that Bunny/Easter/Estra/Passover mix.

When the children were little we didn't do Easter bunny at all, my folks would have that event at their house. I decorated for season, and spring included bunnies and ducks, flowers etc.

To emphasize Resurrection and Passover, I got a very beautiful ceramic lamb which was very life like.