Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fun at work.

Student: “Do you have Shakespeare translated?’

Reference Interview: “Translated into what?”

Student: “English”

Ref Interview “Um, Shakespeare wrote in English. Do you mean an annotated version?”

Student: “That’s OK. I'll just go buy it.”

Ref Interview “What book are you thinking of buying”

Student “Othello”

(I quickly look it up, hoping for a modern English version. Victory!)

Ref Interview: “I have a copy of Othello in Modern English. Would that work for you?”

Student “Yeah! That would be perfect.”

(Student walks away)


Gwendolyne said...

Hello Jill
I just found your site and can souly identify with your love of hats. I am a hat designer artist here in Toronto. I invite you to visit my world. I saw your blog about Lilliput hats here in Toronto. She is a wonderful person who has devoted her life to hats like me. We have great respect for each others work. Thank you for celebrating the hat makers of the world!

Marie Christopher said...

Students! Makes you wonder how they get as far as they do.

Julie said...

Jill!! a little birdie told me that tomorrow (April 14) is a very important day in Texas!!!
It is "Jill's Birthday!!"
Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!
I wish you a most blessed day full of surprises and love and God smiling down on you!!!
So from my heart I wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!

Becky said...

I knew you were a super hero! Were you wearing your hat? (all super heros have an outfit, I've decided yours is topped off with a hat!)

Anonymous said...

The Shakespeare story is a hoot! Hope Melissa over at MMV sees it.