Monday, February 05, 2007

MN Wedding Journal: After

After "The Hallelujah Chorus" recessional.

When you finally get married at age 30, after thinking it will never happen, it's the perfect recessional song.

Everyone mingled as hors d'oeuves were brought around through the crowd in the atrium.

Oh man, those cheese stuffed and sour cream with caviar baked red mini potatoes were good.

Aren't these ladies cute?

Old friends catching up.

I had to take a picture.

More yummies!
Beautiful frame too.
The catering staff was part of the church.
I still like looking at my own wedding's reception pictures and seeing who was there.
I liked that this wedding was almost all family and close friends, about 125 people.
That is what is so nice about marrying while you still live in your own home town.
And getting married IN your home town.
And not viewing your wedding as a society/business networking event (ugh!)
Just lots of love and loveliness.


Lovella ♥ said...

Oh dear, so sad that I can't see those lovely yummy things. Maybe later, right? You are so descriptive . . that I've completely imagined it and hope I won't be a bit sad when I see the real thing. I love hometown weddings. One of my very good friends daughter married out of town and she ran her head off trying to sort out last minute details for her daughters wedding in a city she knew nothing about. I have an aunt that lives there and I put them in contact and it helped a little but . . no weddings are best in the home town, with those you love the most.

Kate said...

Drat! I can't see them either. Can see most on other posts tho'. Odd.

Weddings are lovely tho'. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Took me 42 years before I found the right guy - but he's a keeper! Laura will find hers.
K Q:-)