Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine Gift baskets...

In all the confusion of Bernie being in Nashville and then Salt Lake City last week, and my trip to Minneapolis, we almost forgot to get someone to care for Tiggie and Hart.

By the time we contacted our regular person who feeds the cats while we are gone, it was not possible to arrange care.


So Bernie contacted an official bonded pet sitting service. For $16 a visit, both cats would be taken care of.


That was a close call!

When we got back, we discovered that the cats had better amenities than I had had at the Marriott.

Witness: A gift basket!

I sure as heck didn't get any gift basket at my hotel.

Be sure to maximize the gift basket picture for the full effect.

The cats received a fish shaped ceramic cat food dish, with "Meow" printed on the side, multiple busy balls (clear plastic balls with bells or other items inside), a small cat stuffed with catnip, two fish stuffed with catnip, all in a basket that was shaped like a heart.

Also candy, and two pens.

I wonder what he thought the cats will do with the pens?

Next to the basket was this letter.
It was signed "Uncle Scott."

I think this guy is a hoot.

Wonder if he would come over and pour something in a bowl for me, tidy up my bathroom, brush my hair, bring me the mail and newspaper (off the wet lawn...sigh), and then we could visit and "get to know each other a little better."

Then he could leave a gift basket for ME.

I think everyone needs an "Uncle Scott" in their lives from time to time.
Especially if he only charges $16 to do all that stuff.

Bernie's met the guy.
Bernie hopes the guy doesn't want to become friendly with him, if you know what I mean.
As long as the cats are fine, Bernie is fine with keeping things just the way they are.


Kate said...

Wow! Bet you'll use Uncle Scott again. Great service and peace of mind for you. BTW: love your floating pansies and apparently so does Tiggie.
K Q:-)

Lovella ♥ said...

Imagine that. A gift basket for Tiggie and Hart. . . from Uncle Scott, no less.
Our world has become just a bit confused. Gift baskets for cats, wardrobes for little dogs,(not Otis) only the best for the live beings in our life that show us nothing but affection.
It's amazing what a person can find in the yellow pages.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Tiggie and Hart left their own little "gifts" in a basket, or box. Kittie love!