Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MN Wedding Journal: The Reception

The tanned ones were from snowy Minneapolis.

The tall white one lives in California.

Go figure.

Now here was a refreshing moment: A couple who had just vowed to love, respect and honor one another tenderly feeding each other a piece of wedding cake.

The last wedding I went to (bride and groom were both graduates from a major Christian University) the bride ground the cake on the groom from forehead to chin.

He retaliated by shoving her down on the floor and smearing the cake from hairline to chest.

And everyone laughed.

Except me.

I was horrified. How rude can one be to someone you love, than to do something like that?

This, on the other hand, was SO delightful to see.

So loving.

I'm tearing up just looking at it.

There was a slide show with music of them growing up.
Very common to see this sort of thing at weddings now days.
I always choke up. This time since Laura and Andrea are about the same age it was especially teary, as even though they grew up half a country apart, the hairstyles and clothing styles that they wore as kids were so similar.
And the pictures of Laura and Andrea together in Hawaii...we had to reach for a hankie at that point.
Her dad really lost it the first time he saw the slide show.
"I just watched my little girl grow up, in three minutes!"
Children grow up during long days and short years.
And sometimes in only three minutes time.Posted by Picasa

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Lovella ♥ said...

There is somethings that will never go out of style. Decorum. I've seen and heard such nonsense at wedding receptions . . no class . .is what I whisper to Terry. I'm glad you didn't have the need to whisper at this reception.
I tell you those wedding videos do conjure up the emotions. Both our sons had such nice growing up videos at their weddings. The part that did me in was the speech. To hear your child say nice things about you and thank you for all you've done in public makes all the child raising worth that one moment.

I love the grandma making sure the little girl dosen't fall off her chair. One of those little girls must have been the flowergirl. So dressed up . . so cute.