Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MN Journal: Looking for MN

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Braving the cold, Laura and I went forth to try to find places that said "Minnesota."
This house looked vaguely Norse.
A guy wind skating on the lake...that seems like a Minnesota type thing.
The Danish blue trim...that might qualify.

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And the state capitol in St. Paul.

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Yes, the sky really was that blue.

In front of the capitol dome there is statuary of golden horses and a Roman god and two goddesses.
It is called Quadriga, four horses, a golden man in a chariot and two women walking.


Should be the other way around.
But then again, as they say on the Prairie Home Companion about the mythical Minnesota town of Lake Woebegone:

"Where the women are strong
The men are good looking
and the children are all above average."

Guess if you're strong, you get to walk!

We, however, rode and stayed in our nice warm car.

We're strong, good looking AND very, very smart!

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Anonymous said...

we've got pics on this post now, they weren't there earlier, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you