Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blue birds, grey cats and ribbons

Yesterday I got a whimsical comment about how I made hat trims from Becky. Of course I have bluebirds helping me with my hat trimming...I WAS a Blue Bird growing up! (Blue Birds was the youngest division of Camp Fire Girls back then.)

Actually, the only help I get as I make hat trim is the rhythmic snoring from our grey cat Hart, as he sacks out on the white chair in my hat room. He really does look good there with his little pink nose.

Anyway, for those of you who would like to create ribbon trim, may I suggest two books:

The Artful Ribbon by Candace Kling

A Passion for Ribbonry by Camela Nitschke

May I also suggest that you can usually get these titles on Ebay for around $5 USD a title? You can also get them on, and a lot of libraries carry the titles as well. I think they are worth owning though. Once you get the hang of sculpting flowers from ribbons, you can start creating any flower you see...I have done all the wild flowers of Texas for one hat.

Added bonus: All it takes is a needle, thread, small scissors, and ribbon, which usually fits into a small ziplock baggie. Perfect for taking along, so when you have to wait at a Doctor's office or for kids to finish their event, you can be whipping up flowers to decorate anything and everything.
People stop and talk with me while I am creating, and I often long to spend the day at arboretums creating from nature.

Enjoy your is sunny and beautiful here. We had coffee and juice out in the garden as we read the morning paper while the cardinals and titmouse serenaded us with their song. sympathy to all you out there stuck in the heavy snow and ice storms up North!


Kate said...

We have four inches of snow here. Can't get down the street to visit my Mom. We've been watching the cardinals on the bird feeder and then saw a fox! Couldn't grab my camera fast enough to catch her...but perhaps she'll be back. Apparently, due to lost habitat, they are quite common on Northern Virginia suburbs now.
K Q:-)

Lovella ♥ said...

Imagine that .. .coffee in the garden. It sounds lovely. We don't have snow here today but we won't be warm enough for coffee in our backyard either.

I have always looked at the ribbon making kits and wondered how difficult it would be. Bringing a craft along for a wait is such a good idea. My idea of a waiting room treat is the latest fine cooking magazine.