Friday, March 02, 2007

Recipes: Have you ever made....

I'll bet you haven't.

I'm even willing to bet everything I own that not one person reading this is planning to surprise your family with the following treat for dinner tonight.

Now you should already be aware that it is Rodeo season here in Houston.
Which means it is time once again for meal time creativity involving the Four Major Rodeo Food Groups:

1. Sugar
2. Dough
3. Grease
4. Brown

(The above list is taken from our local paper, the Houston Chronicle. Don't you wish you could trudge out on your wet lawn every morning to get a copy at your place?)

A couple of years ago there was a big flapadoodle about Rodeo Houston's Deep Fried Snickers Bars.

Followed by the still highly popular Deep Fried Twinkies.
At 425 calories per, and 34 fat grams, it is a blue-eyed bargain at only $3.50

Of course healthy minded folks can get Smoked Turkey Leg, a twenty ounce item from a (I can't even imaging) sized turkey.
One leg and a family of four is fed. Done and done.

I had adjusted my Southern California Sushi powered brain to accept all these items as legitimate food, at least during Rodeo Season.

But then there was today.

Ah, but for today, I would probably still be able to think through difficult questions, and create complex designs.

Instead, I carelessly read the Chronicle.

And learned about the latest and the greatest Rodeo Houston pop food.

Are you ready for this?

Have you thought all the thoughts you want to think for the rest of the day?

OK then.

Here it is:

Deep-Fried Frozen Coca-Cola

Here's the recipe:

First you freeze the Coke and then crush it into little pieces.
Then you drop the pieces into batter, and then you deep-fry it.
When it comes out of the fryer, you splash on pure Coke syrup or chocolate syrup or strawberry syrup.

"It looks like squiggly fried clams and tastes like hot, greasy, doughy Coke."

Did I or did I not win that bet?

And how goofed up did my brain stay after reading this?

Well, I went and bought this:

Yup, a bag of multi-colored cotton candy, that was advertised to look like little bunny cotton tails.

Actually, it came out looking more like this:

(There's an Anna Nicole joke in here somewhere....if only I could just think....)
Anyway, I had fun. Did you know if you push your tongue up against the cotton candy where the yellow meets the blue it turns the candy GREEN?
How cool is that?
You don't even need to ask.
I tried all the color combinations.
Yellow and pink made orange.
Blue and pink made purple
How fun.
I just love colors!
So tell me; what are you making for dinner tonight?
Any ideas?


Lovella ♥ said...

Pack up your belongings and send them UPS. How did you know my party menu tonight? Um er . . do I have to post pictures or anything of that nature to win the prize?

Of all the times to do some self portraits cotton candy bunny tails would be the time.
Have you eaten any of those things? I've heard of the deep fried twinkies but thats about it. OK . . .Lovella you've had the treat you promised yourself, back to cleaning . . .

Demara said...

Did you say cotton candy?

Sure I'll have some. It's my favorite.That coke dish sounded real interesting too, never heard of it. And I too love colors!

Cristina de Prada - milliner said...

Wow, fried coca-cola! Nobody in this neck of the woods (Spain) would ever, in their lives, come up with such a recipe.
Thanks for sharing it...but don't blame me if I don't run to the kitchen ready to make it! :-)

Becky said...

Okay,this post completely explains the statistic of obesity in Texas. Please feel free to come up here and have fresh salmon, fresh tossed greens, and a piece of Lovella's apple pie to cleanse your palate

Marie Christopher said...

Don't forget the Deep Fried Oreos and the Deep Fried Pickles....Yum!!! Oh, and lest I forget --- Deep Fried Green Beans! Saw that recipe in the Chronicle some time ago. Haven't tried that one yet though.