Monday, February 26, 2007

It's gonna be another one of those Mondays.

You know it's gonna be another one of those Mondays when:
  • You get up and make coffee, then can't find your husband. You remember (after leaving a cup of coffee on his desk) that he said he had to go somewhere this morning, but can't remember where or for how long. He could be five states away right now, or just taking a walk.
Note to self: Make notes about where B. says he's going to be.
  • Reading the front page of the paper (I decided not to worry about B. unless I get a ransom note...) and finding the word dang used smack dab in the middle of the page, under a picture of rearing white horses pulling a carriage. The complete sentence:

"It ain't going to be an easy deal to win, but it's going to be a fun deal. And whoever wins dang sure will deserve it."

Note to self: Avert eyes, ignore basic grammar structure until rodeo is over.

  • Below the above mentioned article is a story about a Houston woman who in her early 50's decided to stop being a couch potato, by testing her limits by running a marathon AND beginning to pursue her doctorate degree. Actually, more specifically, run a marathon on each of the continents. Right now, she is off and and running in Antarctica. She's dodging hostile leopard seals as she goes, running around two kinds of penguin rookeries and continuing her studies via satellite hook up each evening.

Note to self: Remember, you do not want to work on your doctorate, and you certainly do not want to run where there are leopard seals waiting to eat you.

  • The society section covered the Oscar awards. Best Supporting Actress Jennifer Hudson wore a lovely Oscar de la Renta gown,(with a lizard capelet no less...) and the paper commented: "Unfortunately, she kept putting her hands in the pockets of the gown."

Note to self: Write Erin over at Dressaday. Her "pocket in every dress" campaign is working big time...but I still am not sure formal gowns ought to have pockets. Something to think about.

  • There is a dead baby English sparrow on the patio. Both cats claim they had nothing to do with it.

Note to self: The cats are grounded.


Lovella ♥ said...

You have no idea how much your delightful post has brought a smile to my otherwise Monday face. I hope you found Bernie. I actually would have appreciated a pose from those two ridiculous boy cats this morning, that would have kept me going for hours. I'm now very curious about studying the dresses a bit more. I'm not nearly as observant as you. I take a quick peek and I'm onto the next.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill. I'm a friend of Lovella's and have been reading your blog. I have thoughts about the pockets in the gown as well. Just not sure if fancy dresses need to have pockets. But as I am writing I am remembering my Aunt's wedding dress (in 1973 i think) had a hood and pockets. Maybe it is something that is coming back into style if it ever was in style. Also what about Jessica Biel's dress? Well not so much about the dress but about the absence of the bra.

Becky said...

Note to self: Read Jill's World of Researc, Reaction and Millinery everyday! Thanks for the warm smile!
By the way, as a teacher who must carry class room door keys, many of my apparels must have pockets. I just can't get into having them dangle from my neck. I have avoided dresses mostly because of that reason. Ballroom gowns with pockets - oh, so practical!!

Demara said...

This is a very cute post!!! I love your "notes to self" it made reading so invigorating.

Now that I have just recently (yesterday) tampered with RSS Feeds I have subscribed to a variety of blogs and I hope you don't mind, but yours is one of them!

Thanks for the read~

Angelina said...

I really enjoyed this post! I am a huge fan of pockets. Pockets in everything. Except evening gowns. I mean, I've never had occasion to wear an evening gown, but I think if I did, I would feel a pocket might not inspire me to behave in a regal fashion.