Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Millinery: The Hat Room

Here's where I am when I say I'm in the hat room! It is our third bedroom, and occasionally I take down my work table and put up a cot for overflow guests.

My inspiration was the Fleur de Paris hat box, which is pink overlayed with black lace. I went a little peachier than their pink, more skin toned.

It is a great delight for me to have my own work space. Bernie helped me decide how it should function, and most of the items were available at Ikea, such as the glass fronted book cases and the tall cabinets. We worked together to put it all together.

My trusty Kenmore sewing machine, now 30 years old, it was the state of the art when I received it as a college graduation present. It still works great. But I'd like to give a serger a whirl.

The poster above the machine is from Haute Hats, a hat show staged at The Houston Museum of Fine Arts. The show had the biggest opening night crowd on record!

I don't have many hats out, as I don't want dust and light to compromise them. The ones on top of of the books are colorful straws that are "just for fun" grab and go wear.

My books are shelved by topic, like a good little librarian ought to shelve her books.

Notice the styling girl on the chair pillow! Nice hat!
My black hat collection. The lacy valance was a scarf, and it is topped with velveteen, which I didn't catch with this picture. It looks a bit like a garter.
Work space: Hard to see, but the poster is from Philadephia Museum of Art, showcasing their hat collection.

Come by some time! I serve my guests pink champaign, and we try on hats for fun. Everyone just loves this room! Posted by Picasa


Marie Christopher said...

I'm on my way!! Get out the glasses!

I just love your hat room --- and the boudoir hat you made in those colors. Showcase that one soon, please.


Kate said...

Ah yes! I remember that Lace Stocking cocktail B served us there too! LOVE your room! As you know, it inspired my own pink studio (now left behind in TX. Pink is so inspiring, don't you think? K Q:-)

Dawn said...

Jill...Jill...JILL!!! I want to see a photo of the room MID-project...in the midst of creating..you know..with little bits strewn about!! ...unless you truly ARE one of THOSE who has an underling to pick up after you..
You are too funny, btw...