Friday, August 18, 2006

Millinery: The truth about creating

Dawn over at the fourfiftythree blog got gutsy with the crafty creative community and gave us a gander at her craft corner. Not the magazine lay out version, with everything in precious place.

Oh no. She gave us a look at her craft corner as it is usually seen by her patient family members who put up this madness we call inspiration.

Silly me, I had to comment that I had posted my picture perfect hat room, and mused that my fondest wish was for an underling to attend to all my "pick up and put away" craft mess needs. (Preferable a librarian type who understands the need to file all craft items in Dewey Decimal order, at the least. I didn't tell Dawn that detail. She has enought on her mind what with making sock monkeys and smocking bishops and all...)

Old 50 something Dawn is a tough cookie. She must be, posting each day before dawn just to prove herself worthy of her handle. She shot back that she wanted to see the "real" hat room in action.

So here you go Dawn. One room is not enough when I get going, sometimes it spills over into the dining room. This catastrophy was created in 90 minutes in an attempt to create the perfect hat to wear to White Linen Night.

Actually, all that I created was the little trim on the white travel hat I had made earlier.
I wanted to make the hat match the linen dress.

Happy now Dawn?

The invitation still stands if you want to drop by Houston. After a glass of champagne, whether the room is tidy or a total disaster doesn't seem to matter any more anyway.

Cheers! And Crafty Creation and Millinery Inspiration to you all forever! Posted by Picasa

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Dawn said...

Can you hear the hoots of laughter??? This is good....very good! Thanks for taking the bait.